LumiTact is a much known company in the flashlight industry as one of the top 5 companies in this particular filed. Every flashlight that they manufacture is a better and updated version of the previous flashlight. When it comes to the G700 military flashlight we can say that it is a piece of technology that is 10 years ahead of our technological era that set the standard for a quality flashlight.

Released this year in February this flashlight managed to sell more than 3 million units with just 3 short months of being present on the open market. With so many sold units you can’t stop wondering: is this flashlight that good. I would be lying if I said that this flashlight has flues or it isn’t good enough to be the bestselling flashlight of 2016.

Is the G700 useful in everyday situations?

Most of the flashlights that you know are used as a tool that can light up a dark area in emergency cases, but the thing that puts the G700 above everyone else is the multi-functionality. Not only that the G700 military flashlight is compactable in emergency cases but it can also be used for many outdoor activates and with the latest update it can now also be used as self-defense weapon. Because of its handy and very compactable body structure this flashlight can be easily carry around in your pocket and be useful in everyday situations.

A true military flashlight can be useful for different things. Best way to learn more about the possibilities is to check out the most common military flashlight features.

Improved hardware

The hardware concept on this flashlight is very different when compared with other flashlight hardware concepts. The thing that makes the G700 hardware concept unique and different from other flashlights is the revolutionary LED chip. All other hardware systems on regular flashlights for transmitting the lumen capacity use a LED diode. LED chips unlike LED diodes have a square body structure that can successfully transmit the entire lumen capacity of a flashlight. Not only that the LED chip is transmitting the full lumen capacity but it also increases the range of the G700.

Prices & Discounts

Lots of flashlight fanatics had numerous complains about the price range of the G700. With a regular price of $224 dollars many people want this flashlight but unfortunately they can’t afford it. With so many complains about the price range of the G700 military flashlight LumiTact decided to lower the price on to $56 USD, so if you want this flashlight now is the time to get it because this discount will be only available for one week starting from today.

Indestructible body structure

By now you must wonder what makes this flashlight military. Beside the advanced hardware concept on the G700, one of the other factors that makes this flashlight a military grade weapon is the indestructible body structure. Made with an aircraft aluminum this is one of the few flashlights that are durable under extreme conditions. With an indestructible body structure of aircraft aluminum this flashlight is also able to be used underwater.