The world has been moving towards a new era for smartband wrist accessories, but the pandemic has led to a sharp decline in sales. The recent pandemic has caused the smartband industry to lose significant revenue. The smartwatch has become a popular accessory for people who want to maintain their health and fitness goals. It provides all kinds of features that we rely on our smartphones for, but in an easier format with more accessible technology at hand which we cannot have on smartband.

The smartband industry is seeing a massive decrease in consumers since 2021 as they turn towards smartwatches instead. The decline will follow soon enough, too! Price tag is another important difference. Although, Smartband is a budget-friendly option that lets you keep track of your movements and other stuff without spending too much plus it comes with long battery life. But the outbreak of coronavirus has made people more aware and interested in maintaining their heart pressure and rhythms.

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The difference between the two wristwatches is almost inconspicuous. They both have a lot in common, including the ability to track your health and fitness metrics. The advanced features of these smartwatches make them stand out. The main feature of Smartband is its real-time operating system. The smartwatch’s more advanced version of this feature can track health and fitness in much better ways than Smartband. The device also has an OS that helps monitor ECGs, heartbeat and blood pressure. Users are also able to download their favourite games, music and even weather conditions on the go!

Smartband saw an 89% vast decline in shipment orders while smartwatches only bear 38%. The business of smartwatches is quickly growing as India’s OEM company sees a massive economic boost during the pandemic times. People who still prefer smartbands are being tempted into buying watches for their higher-level functions and capabilities that come standard with most modern-day smartphones.

Image Source: Counterpoint

The smartwatch industry is changing as major companies shift their focus to releasing new models. Brands like Xiaomi and Fitbit are now more focused on releasing rather than fading away with the Smartband business which will shrink gradually over time.

Since the pandemic, the smartwatch industry is experiencing a major shift, with people now buying watches for their experience. Smartband companies are trying o implement new features in order to make those who were loyal buyers return back again to the old ways of doing things. They have installed SpO2 and body temperature which will provide accurate measurements.

The wristband market is expanding at a rapid pace, and in the coming years, we will see further modifications to smartwatches.