This morning we woke to the surprise that Apple has released a new model of iPod Touch 5G, discontinuing the fourth generation so unexpectedly.

Do not really know why Apple has stopped selling the iPod Touch 4G but can that the proximity of the first beta of iOS 7 have something to do, a clear indication that the player hardware was insufficient for what is to come . A failure to check that will be compatible with iOS devices 7 and what not, the new iPod Touch 5G low cost stands out without the rear camera and 16GB of storage offered only at a price of 249 euros.

The iPod Touch has been a perfect device for those who do not want an iPhone but I want to enjoy the experience of iOS and, above all, from the App Store already have more than 850,000 applications available. These two reasons have led Apple has sold 100 million iPod Touch units since its introduction in 2007, with the iPod model that fastest-selling in history.

Although in the early years the iPhone and iPod Touch were given hand in terms of hardware is concerned (with slight differences), at present, the iPod Touch 5G is a step below regarding smartphone.