Previously gadget geeks, but now the whole generation use earphones more than 3 hours daily. With all of them facing one similar problem, which is tangled cords, behind the head connectors or simply Bluetooth requirements. Split Earbuds from Greenwing Audio Works has solved problem of millions of people. Split Earbuds are stand-alone audio player and ear phones that need no other device to connect to. In the first version or prototype, there is space of 256MB, all you need is to fill the memory, grab these Split Earbuds and shove it in your ears. Although, the memory of this innovation is quite less but it is quite promising concept. For sure, it will bring higher memory storage in near future. We can say it for sure because the memory storages have already got so much shrunken that the company can easily fit up-to 16 and 32GB memory storage in Split Earbuds.

The basic concept of these earphones cum audio player is to miniaturize the iPod Nano into earphones. A tiny crystal clock in each bud synchronizes the music without any need of wireless or wired connection. Split Earbuds can prove to be very useful for people like athletes, who don’t want to be exposed to wireless signals.  For a wireless connection, a music player or mobile phone is needed in pocket. Same goes for wired connection, as most of the people are sick of wires. Folks who don’t want to keep extra electronics with them due to various reasons can find Split Earbuds very useful.


Greenwing Audio is looking to raise around $435,000 that seems a long shot, mainly because the stand alone nature of ear buds. Split Earbuds won’t be able to interface with your Smartphone or audio players. Users have to load the earbuds with music that can only hold 256mb. The device is worth $155 only. Like we said earlier that prototypes always have many lacking. Same goes true for Split Earbuds. If Greenwing Audio make some more additions in their Split Earbuds like increasing memory storage to 16GB and allowing Bluetooth wireless connections with Smartphone and audio players, it will surly become highly popular. For now, we can keep our fingers crossed and wait for user reviews and experiences with Split Earbuds.

We should always remain research oriented and appreciate new innovations, as they pave way for future technological advancements.