Electric shavers save a lot of time for men. It has made our life easy, as we don’t have to be super aware when shaving. Unlike a manual razor blade, which can be dangerous sometimes. You wake up and go to the bathroom, half asleep to shave, and if you don’t pay too much attention it can result in cuts and bruises! Electric shavers have rotary blades which save you time and decrease the chances of you getting cuts. You can use them on places other than your face, such as underarms as well!

Here is a list of top 4 of the best electrical shavers which, if you can, you should buy:

  1. Braun Series 9 Electric Shaver. Made from chrome-finished plastic, these razor blades are one of the top choices for men. They have a strong build and provide extreme comfort. Users of the Braun 9 series have agreed that the performance of these shavers is best to none. A competitive advantage that this shaver has is the close shave it can deliver. It uses a 4-way shear system with floating grills and two Optifoil foils and 4 cutting systems! The 92xx models are wet and dry models. Moreover, this series has models which come with a cleaning and charging station. The models with CC at the end have a cleaning and charging station whereas the models with S do not. The electric shaver literally cleans itself on its own and chooses the best cleaning program to help.
  2. Panasonic ES-LV9N-S. The Arc-5 series introduced by Panasonic has been said to be one of the most top-notch electric shavers to ever exist. Despite the fact that they are extremely expensive, men do prefer to use these electrical shavers. It is the world’s first series to have introduced 5 shaving blades. The ARC blades and foils are made with Japanese stainless steel and it provides a close shave, somewhat like Braun’s 9 series. It is water proof and comes with a beard sensor.
  3. Philips Norelco Series S9311. This model is the best choice for men who prefer rotary blades over foil blades. It reaches every corner of the face and provides an extremely close shave. It even has an easy grip. What makes this electric shaver unique is the 8-direvtion ContourDetectHeads. The rotary blades can provide a smooth shave according to the contour of your face. It has a quick charge option which allows you to charge for 5 minutes for a 3 minute quick shave.
  4. Braun Series 7899cc. With 4 shaving elements, this electric shaver can shave even a dense beard effectively. The power of these shavers can be manually adjusted with the push of a button. Unlike the old models in this series, the new models come with 5 shaving modes. You can choose the aggressive shaving mode for a dense beard or a sensitive shaving mode for sensitive skin, etc. It has the ability to follow the contours of your face and follow along them.

No man really likes getting up early just to shave their beard before work. These electric shavers will definitely make your life easy. You can find more top electric shavers online, but these are among the best!