Top 5 Innovative IPhone 5 Cases


Aside from its power and amazing speeds, the iPhone has also been known for innovative cases. Many manufacturers create cases with interesting features, unique images and incredibly durable materials. If you are looking for an innovative case for your iPhone 5, then be sure to choose one of these five cases.

SkinIt Custom Cases

If you don’t like how most iPhone cases look, then this is the perfect case for you. The SkinIt Custom Case allows you to use your own images and colors to create something that is completely unique. You can choose between soft and hard cases depending on your preference. This product only takes about a week to create. Not only is it durable, but it will look exactly the way you want it to.

skinit custom case

iPhone Wallet

This case is made from real leather and it doubles as a small wallet so that you can use your phone while paying for something. There is a clear window on the side so that you can easily use your phone. The wallet is also fairly thick, which means that your phone should survive a drop or two if it falls out of your hand. If you want a functional case that keeps your phone and money in the same place, then the iPhone Wallet is worth looking at.

iPhone Wallet

Sports Armband

The Sports Armband case allows you to workout and use your iPhone at the same time. The sweatproof armband is easy to use and it will keep your iPhone very close so that you can listen to your favorite music or take calls while running or lifting weights. The strap is secure and there’s no chance of your phone dropping and breaking even if you have an intense workout session. This case is also good when you’re finished exercising.

Sports Armband

Pop Case

If there’s one problem with the iPhone, then it’s that you have to constantly hold it to properly watch movies and shows. This gets annoying after a few minutes and you can’t really relax while streaming media. The Pop Case changes that. This case comes with a kickstand that allows you to park the iPhone on any flat surface without it falling over. Be sure to have a big bag of popcorn ready if you choose this case.

Pop Case


This is the perfect case for anyone that loves cute things. The Woogie case is a stuffed monster with arms and legs. The iPhone acts as the face. Not only is this case fuzzy and adorable, but you can sit it down and angle the iPhone for perfect media viewing. You can also download the free Woogie app and make the case into your virtual pet. This allows you to have fun with your case while protecting your iPhone. The app will also make the Woogie even cuter by adding a virtual face to the stuffed monster.



These are the five most innovative cases for the iPhone 5. All of them look great, protect your iPhone and have some special feature that you are sure to love. The only problem now is choosing just one.

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