The demand of smart watches is increasing day by day. People now like to user wearable gadgets and it is expected that the number of the wearable devices will might reach 485 million in 2018. Every now then we see a new technological watch released in the market.  In the following section, I have given a short description of the best smart watches available in the market.

1. Cookoo


This watch has a remarkable design and offers some great connectivity features but the sad thing is that it is for the iPhone owners only. You just have to connect this device with your iPhone via Bluetooth and then the Cuckoo will alert you about the incoming call and messages. Besides that, it will also tell you about Facebook notification and allows you to operate your iPhone camera remotely.  This watch costs $110.

2. Pebble $150


This watch was announced at the CES 2013 and it is a watch made for both iOS and Android apps. The main advantage of this watch is that it has a power saving e-paper rather than those conventional LCD displays. As a result the battery lasts for a week. By connecting your mobile via Bluetooth with this gadget, this watch will display the notifications on your mobile including those of social media.  This watch costs $150.

3. Casio G-Shock GB-6900AA

casio g shock

This $163 gadget can only be connected with iPhone 4S and iPhone 5. After getting connected via Bluetooth, this device like above mentioned devices give tell you about the incoming phone calls, texts and social media updates. Along with that, you can also operate your iPhone’s alarm with it. You can also synchronize its time with the world time and will update automatically.

4. Martian G2G

martin g2g

Martian G2G has been produced by the Kickstarter and costs as much as $250. Besides providing the functionality of the above mentioned devices, it also has a noise isolating microphone which allows the user to voice dial phone numbers and speak in text messages and have Siri speak to the user. This watch has  a 96×16 pixel OLED display. It has a rechargeable lithium battery which can be charged via a USB cable. This watch supports both, Android and iOS.

5. i’m Watch

i'm watch

This is an expensive watch and costs £300. It has a touch screen and support only Bluetooth connection with Android phones. Besides giving the alerts on its little LCD, the user can also make a call from it by choosing a contact. The watch has a host of hundreds of apps including some attracting apps like compass, radio tuner and a metronome.