The Tronsmart T1000 Mirror2TV is a Wi-Fi, mirroring and streaming HDMI adapter that you can plug on your TV or Monitor to convert it into a wireless display for your PC, Tablet, phone or other devices.It is more or less like a Chromecast but it also has features like the DNLA streaming and screen mirroring for your Android phone and tablet, Windows tablets, PCs and Mac.


The Tronsmart is available for sale online at The delivery is presented in a packaging of the T1000 and a cable that connects to USB port on one end and a Micro USB on the other side. The cable also has Wi-Fi antennae on one end. The Tronsmart T1000 is smallish enough to fit in the palm of your hand and looks like a USB flash drive.


The connection is simple and easy. You only have to plug the T1000 onto your big screen TV or monitor, then connect the USB Wi-Fi and power adapter and you are good to go. You can use the device to mirror your PC, tablet or phone on a big screen.

EZCast, Mirrorcast and DLNA

The device has three modes which are EZCast, Mirror cast and DNLA Receiver. The DNLA Receiver option is the most versatile when you want to display movies stored on your gadgets to the big screen. The Mirror cast is useful in displaying content that does not support DNLA to the TV screen. You must however start with the EZCast so as to get Mirror cast and DNLA Receiver modes up and running.

You need to download the EZCast app available at Google Play Store if you don’t have it on your Android device already. Click to open the EZCast app which might connect directly to the Tronsmart or may require that you enter the password on the big screen. EZCast has various options to share the media on your phone or tablet including photos, videos, the camera and even web pages. The EZCast works well when mirroring apps, most media files and webpages. It however gets jumpy when mirroring videos and movies.

The settings button is quite useful as it is the avenue in which you configure to the desired network SSID for the T1000 to perceive the Internet. This configuration also allows you to get the other two modes (Mirror cast and DNLA) working. The Mirror cast will help you send everything from your Android to your TV. You can also redirect movies on the NAS drive to the Tronsmart dongle.


The Tronsmart T1000 Mirror2TVis compatible with Android operating system, Apple is, Samsung AllShare Cast S3, S4, S5 Note2, Note3, Note10.1. You can also use the T1000 on Google Nexus4Nexus5, Nexus7, Dell Venue and on your personal computers. The T1000 is really low-priced and cheaper than the Chrome Cast. You can get the T1000 for only $24.09 on

The T1000 delivers more mirroring options than the Chrome Cast which seems to specialize in mirroring apps. The T1000 will mirror from a PC or Mac with pretty good images on your TV. It is thus useful when you want to deliver a presentation on a bigger screen or another monitor. You will however experience more lag when using your monitor as a second displaythan when using a direct cable connection but not that much as to dampen your presentation.

Tronsmart T1000 will also enable you to stream Internet videos on your phone and tablet and view them on the big screen TV. When compared to Chromecast, the T1000 is more versatile as you can stream and mirror content on your phone to the TV, unlike Chromecast which doesn’t have a mirroring option.