As we know several days ago Microsoft unveiled the new console successor to the Xbox 360. Xbox One then talks about 10 things needs to know about it if you plan to buy:

Downloadable content from Xbox 360: some content such as Xbox Live Gamertags and the Gamerscores can be transferred to the new Xbox Music and videos we purchased through Xbox Live also can lead to the Xbox One

6 necesano will always be online? Not really: the rumors said that need permanent Internet connectivity, but that was discarded after official presentation. What will be needed is that every 24 hours we connect to the Internet to verify our own games and Live If for some reason we are more than 24 hours without using it, when we go to play again will need to connect nothing will happen if playing and suddenly we lose the connection.

One of the negatives of the Xbox One is that it is backwards compatible with the Xbox 360 games given the different architectures of each old console games cannot be installed on the hard drive of the console; you need be a fresh new installation.

4K-Resolution: Xbox One supports the 4K resolution, but the problem is that so far no has created any such game obviously features a 4K TV would also be required to play with that resolution.

-Length of control: as stated, Xbox control one has a lifespan of about the years giving much use which undoubtedly is a lot. Seems to last control considerably more than the console itself

Independent developers: apparently there will be a program for developer’s independent, although there are few data on this initiative now.

-KNECT alongside the new Xbox Kinect comes the new 20. able to record videos in Full HD device is much more sensitive now than before, being able to detect the most minimum of movements we do and can follow up to 7 people at a see.

Cloud-Integration: the Xbox One is noticeably more powerful than the Xbox 360 as far as refers specifications, but as we had already discussed is possible to get a best performance for your new console by Microsoft’s cloud platform. Using extra resources offered.

-Lock by region: Microsoft has indicated that the console will have a lock system region. Games must be approved according to the regulations of each region before to be sold.

-Hard Disk: 500GB internal hard drive of the console cannot be changed or removed. Do we tend to settle only 500GB? Of course not, since the Xbox One supports external storage via its ports USE 30