The latest addition of Angry bird series is out now as Angry Bird Go. This is more likely a racing game as Mario Kart. In this adventure, you can play as almost all character from the angry bird series. It is a great move rather than the previous 2D physics based point and aim game, but it is not much appealing one for gamers of all age.

This game is available for all famous platforms as android, iOs, windows Phone 8 and blackberry 10. This is the first game of angry bird series, which can be played free. Rovio said that they will add multiplayer and some additional functionality to the game next year.


Angry Bird Go is uncomplicated to play and fairly addictive game.  All the characters of old series are included which have their own power ups, which we can use against the opposition at the time of requirement. The game play is quite straightforward. You can control the steer of your car by using tilt controls or you can use on-screen buttons. There is no worry to accelerate your car as this downhill racer will do that for you with the help of gravity.

You can start the game with one character, the Red bird and one car. More characters will be unlocked after completing races. Although if you want to get said character, then you have to complete the race three times of that particular character. The cars get better after more coins spend to upgrades and there are also plenty of ways to power up as you move further in the game.


Amazingly there is a variety of races available for the user. In one game mode, you will have to pass obstacles before the time over to win the race. In another game mode, you will have to splat fruits as much as you can before the end of race.

The first three cars in the game are free to use, but in case of more cars you have to buy them with real world currency rather than coins of the game play. In this game, user can have limited long-term session in game due to the energy system. This energy system is included in the game which means that one car can only be used in five races and after that, they will need rest to recharge their energy. This concept was not present in any other series of Angry Bird. Physically, Hasbro Telepods cars or characters can be scanned into the game to play around. This is incredible development for children.

One disappointing element of Angry Bird Go is 3D graphics involved in the game. It will be disappointment for you as you have latest Smartphone in hand and playing this game, but game will not show what your phone is capable of showing.