Are you a gamer who is looking for the best games these days? Are you looking for games which are trending? Then you’ve come to the right place. The holiday season is the best time to try out new games and spend time enjoying your night. So whether you want to play by yourself, or have friends over. Here are the top games that you should be playing.

It’s time to call your friends over and think of having those fun nights that you’ve been planning for a while now. Check out these best games now.


We’re starting out with a Nintendo classic that has gotten a twist. If you’re want to truly enjoy your time with friends and family, then Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker is just the game you’ll need. The game is available on Switch, which is Nintendo’s most underappreciated gaming console which one has to try out. It is a unique experience and Nintendo has truly upped its’ game.

Captain Toad is the perfect adventure game which is relaxing and fun to play with friends. The game is charming as the characters smile and chirp with success as you play. The game is easy to understand and will definitely surprise you. The game is great for kids as well, as there is little action. It is also available on the Nintendo 3DS.


Frostpunk is the ultimate game for your winter nights, as it gives you a deep sense of satisfaction. One of the best features is the life and death consequences which make you feel the realness of the game. In the game, the resources are finite and there are barely any safety nets which can be found. If you mismanage, it would lead to the population to starvation or even fight one another to death.

The game is meant to keep you on the edge. It truly makes one realize the importance of decision making as every decision has a consequence and may be tough to make to your society alive and running.

The game will definitely take one out of their shell and feel invested in the lives of others, a perfect treat for the weekend.

Mario Tennis Aces

The game has finally arrived and it has great features. If you love the Mario sports series, then this is the game for you. It’s time to get out your competitive spirit and play tournaments with your friends. It’s considered a great game for matches. Aces, is just like a fighting game and it has a very competitive feel to it.

The rackets actually have health bars and may be broken; if you lose your rackets, then you will end up losing the match with a KO. There are many special hits, and trick shots as well as the power to slow time to give you an edge. The game might have some flaws as it needs updating but no matter, it is surely a spectacular game.