If you are a fan of the hugely popular military shooting game, Call of Duty, it is a good news for you. It was announced on Friday evening that the hugely popular and anticipated game is returning with the new installment. The good news doesn’t end here as the best part of its return is that the makers have finally listened to the plea of the fans and the game will return in its original avatar i.e. the setting of WW2.

For many years, with every installment, the game moved forward in time giving the players the opportunity to fight space battles that required them to knock down the opponents. Modern technology was introduced in the latest installments that featured the use of robots, drones, and rocket packs. However, the hardcore fans wanted the game to retain its authenticity by going back to its roots of “men in boots on the ground”.

What’s New in Call of Duty WW2 Game?

If you are wondering what’s new in this Call of Duty WW2 Game, the answer is everything. Only the original setting of WW2 is retained to give the players a nostalgic feel, while there will be a whole new set of features that will be launched with this game. The players will be able to enjoy new modes and the feature of customization of their characters. Moreover, a new range of weapons will be launched in the game.

Those who like the paranormal flavor, don’t worry as the Zombie mode will still be there. Although not many details are out about this mode but this feature will certainly be there for the gamers to fight it out with creatures who are on the mission to take charge of the earth by ending the human race.

To sum it up, Call of Duty WW2 Game is definitely going to be the most talked about game of the year. It is surely going to take the world by storm when it will be released. You can enjoy the beta version of the game and play it before anyone else by pre-ordering it. The game will be launched on all the popular gaming platforms i.e. PlayStation 4 system, Xbox One, and PC.