For downloading free IPhone games you must be in possession of some basic things. Firstly, you need to have an IPhone, and what’s better than if you have already got one. Besides having an IPhone, you would need a PC equipped with internet connection as well. You don’t necessarily need to have any super-fast or any state-of-the-art computer; any model launched in last half decade would do the job.


However, internet must be fast; a 5 or 6 year old internet link probably won’t bring up expected results. The downloading will take considerably longer with a slower internet connection.  It does not mean that your old dial up internet link will not work here, it would definitely work but the only thing you would have to compromise with this downloading is the ‘speed’.

Another important thing you have to have for downloading iPhone games is hard drive with enough free space to house the downloads, and not to mention your IPhone also need to have as much space as games will eventually be installed there. Once all these required things are in place, you have been geared up for jumping into downloading task.

Now comes the hardest part of the process, which is where you can find free IPhone games. During the last decade there has been witnessed a wild increase in the number of P2P or torrent websites; everyone seem busy in downloading from these sites.  Though there are a number of such sites offering a lot of free downloads, as a matter of fact, it is not that safe and worthwhile. Piracy and various other legal issues of such stuff can put you in trouble. Another serious risk accompanied with torrent websites is of hackers; there are various evil genius people who upload dangerous viruses and Trojans under different names, which means you will be thinking you are downloading some free game but in fact there will be some virus behind which will eventually hand over your computer’s control to the hacker. How risky it could be!

Though there have come pretty safe and reliable alternatives nowadays, many folks still go for torrent websites in order to download boundless free stuff overlooking their underlying risks. One reason of this tendency might be the little fee, say 35 or 50 dollars, which these new sites charge their users at the time of joining.  But after paying this negligible cost, you can get free access to their unlimited downloads in more fast and efficient way. Unlike that of torrent websites, these downloads are free from the risk of viruses and other security threats.

As you might have already come across, there are countless options to download free games for your IPhone. This article was just aimed at giving you an insight of these numerous options in order to let you opt for the best one.