Xbox One is the new gaming console released by Microsoft on 21st May, 2013. In terms of hardware, this gaming console has no match. With 64 bit 8 core processor, 8 GB RAM and 500 GB hard disk, this gaming titan is attracting the gamers towards itself. It has such hardware and functionality in it that a gamer would love to play games on it. In specifications and functionality, one can say that this gaming gadget is superior to the Sony’s PS4.

The unofficial news:

But there is a question which is yet to be answered. The question is that will the gamers be able to play used games or the second hand games on Xbox One and what will be their price. The ConsoleDeals, has recently claimed that the game retailers will be allowed to sell the second hand games at maximum of 10 percent less than the original full price of the game. ConsoleDeals says that it has got this information from a UK’s large gaming store employee. But this news is not yet confirmed by Microsoft. The customer will also get a code with the game which will allow him to access the content of the game.

Xbox games come with a registration code:

When the Xbox was launched, there was a lot of discussion that will the gamers be allowed to play the Second hand games on this new gaming console and what will be the price of the second hand games. As we know that a person buys a new game, he gets a registration key with it. When he installs the game, he has to enter the key for accessing the content of the game. The registration key is a onetime code and gives the user privilege to access his Xbox Live account.

If this news came out to be true then the Xbox customers will be displeased because the price of the second hand games would be almost the same as the new games. This would not give the customers any benefit. It is expected that people will get full clarification of this news and Microsoft’s gaming policy regarding the second hand games in this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3).

If this “leak” is to be believed, Microsoft is likely to have a fight with gamers on its hands. We expect we’ll get full clarification at this year’s E3.