Xbox 360 is a Microsoft’s gaming product. It has been in the market for round about 8 years. It has some old hardware and design.

On the other hand, Xbox One is the new gaming console released by Microsoft on 21st May, 2013. In terms of hardware, this gaming console has no match. With 64 bit 8 core processor, 8 GB RAM and 500 GB hard disk, this gaming titan is attracting the gamers towards itself. It has such hardware and functionality in it that a gamer would love to play games on it.

The Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) is going to be held in June. In E3, Microsoft’s main focus will be on the new Xbox One. But this is not the end of the story.  Microsoft has recently said that it is going to announce something huge regarding the Xbox 360 at E3.

Xbox 360 to live a longer life in the market:

The Vice President of Microsoft Game Studios Corporate, Mr. Spencer has said that a new console of Xbox 360 will be launched at E3. He further said that he thinks that Xbox 360 will remain very vibrant for many years to come. He also said that the E3 will “surprise people”. After the release of the new console of the Xbox 360, the old gaming titan will keep on enjoying a long in the market in the presence of some latest gaming products like Xbox One PS4 etc. Similarly, the senior vice president of Interactive Entertainment Business, Mr. Yousuf Mehdi has told OXM that Microsoft has hopes that the Xbox 360 will keep on selling in the market for the next few years. This will be same story like what happened with PS2 after the launch of PS3. Even after the launch of the PS3, what Sony did was that its developers continued to support the old PS2 and in this way the old PS2 also kept its place in the market.

Xbox 360

Microsoft’s two different executives have said that the company hopes to sell additional 25 million consoles of Xbox 360.

Microsoft’s determination:

Microsoft looks determined to keep the maximum share from the gaming industry. Even though they have released a new gaming device Xbox One, they are still working on the old Xbox 360 to upgrade it also. Whether it is some new hardware or a new design of eight years old Xbox 360, we don’t know exactly. We can just wait for the E3 to come and see what Microsoft has finally brought for its customers of Xbox 360.