Microsoft appears to be tightening its restrictions on the usage of “unauthorized” third-party Xbox controllers and accessories, prohibiting their use with Xbox consoles.

Xbox enthusiasts have started to share their experiences of encountering a warning message when connecting certain third-party Xbox controllers and accessories. This message notifies them that the console will disable the “unauthorized accessory” for use within two weeks.

According to Windows Central, users are currently encountering the error message 0x82d60002 when they connect an unauthorized accessory, which includes the following:

A connected accessory is not authorized. The use of unauthorized accessories can undermine your gaming experience. As a result, it will restrict the unauthorized accessory from use starting on 11/12/2023.

To seek assistance with returning the accessory, please consult the retailer from which you purchased it, or contact the manufacturer.

A support page on Xbox provides further insights into the error code. Error code 0x82d60002 from Microsoft indicates that the accessory you’re trying to connect is not made by Microsoft or an official Xbox hardware partner. In simpler terms, it means the accessory you’re using is not a genuine Xbox or Microsoft product, and that’s why you’re encountering this error. Microsoft recommends using official accessories to ensure compatibility and functionality. It also clarifies that when a user connects an unauthorized accessory and receives this error code, they have a two-week period to use the accessory before the console restricts it.

One third-party manufacturer feeling the impact of these alterations is Brook Gaming. This company is well-known for its Wingman XB 2 converter, which allows users to use various controllers, including PS5 pads, on their Xbox console. According to Brook, this recent change has had repercussions on their Wingman XB 2 converter, XB Fighting Board, and some of their other fighting board and steering wheel adapters. Brook has expressed its unwavering commitment to finding a solution to uphold product quality and functionality.

Microsoft may also be targeting XIM and Cronus devices with this alteration, as these devices allow users to mimic a mouse and keyboard as an Xbox controller. This gives them an advantage in multiplayer first-person shooter games like Call of Duty.

Sources from Windows Central suggest that Microsoft might be making this modification to expand its program for officially sanctioned third-party wireless Xbox controllers.

If you are using a third-party Xbox controller, you should be clear as long as the manufacturer has obtained the Xbox license. Typically, most well-known third-party brands that have obtained this license will feature the ‘Designed For Xbox’ logo on their packaging.