That the press yells or clap during a technology conference is something that we are more or less accustomed. But the standing ovation he received at the launch of Sony PlayStation 4 at E3 2013 is difficult to compare. Only the return of Steve Jobs to keynote Apple after one of his sick leave achieved greater response and enthusiasm from the public.

The press made ​​it clears what policies preferred for the next generation and who part with advantage. The controversy had sown days ago Microsoft announced that Xbox One would require internet connection once a day and limit the exchange of second-hand games. Two aspects obviated E3 conference in 2013 but Sony did not. The Japanese company stressed that they will continue to allow the second hand and PS4 will not need to connect to the internet to play. A dart thrown at the target of the opponent with such mastery that the need to pay slipped PlayStation Plus to enjoy multiplayer and most of the audience did not even notice.

PlayStation 4 E3

Policies aside, Sony held a conference denser living memory, focusing, as his rival-in games and peripherals aside for the general public as Move or Wonderbook, which once occupied part of the presentation minutado.

New titles in development for PS4

Sony already announced in its February conference catalog much of the PlayStation 4 will look in their first months of life and used this to refresh the progress E3 with new trailer of ‘Killzone Shadow Fall’, ‘Driveclub’, ‘inFAMOUS: Second Son ‘or’ Knack ‘.

But there was also room for the new. Among the highlights ‘The Order 1886’, an exclusive IP that combines the time with the zombies and the paranormal. O ‘The Dark Sorcerer’, which showed a rather nice teaser that we can continue at E3.

Besides the big blockbusters, PlayStation 4 developers bet on alternative and indie games. In that sense, showed 8 new titles in development for PS4 among which the remake of the classic ‘Oddworld Abe’s Oddysee’ PSOne.

Finally, the games section is completed with a good round of exclusive or semiexclusivas of third parties. In ‘Diablo III’ on PS3 and PS4, will have exclusive content of the most iconic sagas Sony. Square Enix announced the release of ‘Final Fantasy XV’ formerly known as’ versus XIII’-and ‘Kingdom Hearts 3’, while Bethesda revealed that the beta of ‘The Elder Scrolls Online’ will be exclusive to PlayStation. The impressive ‘Destiny’, collaboration with Activision Bungie, closed the evening.

PlayStation 4 E3

In paragraph PlayStation 3, Sony stressed that the console is very much alive with trailers of upcoming releases such as ‘The Last of Us’, which arrives this Friday, ‘Rain’, ‘Beyond: Two Souls’ or ‘Gran Turismo 6’. More discreet was the catalog of PS Vita but Sony insisted on lifecycle ensuring your laptop is an essential accessory for PS4.

PlayStation 4: before the end of the year

As also expected, Sony finally unveiled the look will wear its new console, and the details of its release. PS4 will paralelepídedo oblique form and may be placed both horizontally and vertically. The console is noticeably smaller than Xbox One and smaller than it was the first PlayStation 3. It will also be lighter, with an approximate weight of 2.7 kg.

The console will go on sale this Christmas both in Europe and in the United States at a price of 399 euros and 399 dollars. It will be 100 euros cheaper than the Microsoft console, but not by default include the camera, which in the case of PS4 will be optional and will cost 49 euros. The basic model includes 500 GB hard drive and will be region free.

Finally, Sony completed its conference with one of the services that will support the PlayStation brand. In addition to music and movies, the company announced enhancements to PS Plus subscription which will move to PS4 PS3 with a free game every month and the service Gaikai cloud gaming; it will not make an appearance until 2014.