Playstation4 was already designed very well and could be handled by USB as well. But it was not sufficient and in this new model players will be able to play 4K videos. In it not only media player was updated but YouTube app will also be available.

USB storage has extended and u can just save the games and apps instead to use it for videos. As we already enjoying about 4K streaming of PS4 Pro, but if you are not aware of it then I would like to remind you that streaming video apps and You tube have 4K content that is available and for making sure you can check it also.

It is partially revealed that further list of PS4, PS3 and PS Vita titles set to be announced later this week. Sony already announced plans to make new PS4 game Drawn to Death and subscribers will get it in April. Sony also usually makes their announcements around 5pm-6pm UK time.

There’s still one slot left for Sony to announce regarding PS4 lineup and hopefully it will prove to be a corker.