Online gaming is extremely popular throughout the world. Over recent years, companies that build games have introduced a number of titles that were designed solely for allowing gamers from around the world to pit their skills against each other. The genres of these games are quite diverse ranging from strategy based adventures to first person shooters.

The Internet promotes globalization so that people from all over the world can easily communicate with each other. However, this past decade, the Internet has grown to become quite restrictive. Practices such as restricting access to websites based the user’s location go against the basic nature of the Web. The same problems now affect the online gaming world.

Why do countries restrict access to their servers?

First of all, every user needs to understand that one of the main costs associated with the Internet is bandwidth. More users on a server generally require more bandwidth. By opening up their servers to every user in the world, a Japanese gaming company would be in danger of placing too much stress on their servers.

One of the biggest problems that gamers face while playing online is that of a server which lags. Server lag can occur when the user’s Internet speed is not up to par or if the server is overloaded with users. Hence, gaming companies that provide high quality gaming experience generally tend to segment their users in to manageable clusters. Many gaming companies also restrict server access to segment users with different language and cultural preferences.  This poses problems for users travel outside their home country but still wish to access a specific gaming server.  Geographic restrictions also prevent friends located in separate countries from playing games together.

When a user connects, the gaming server will recognize their location by analyzing their IP address. That is why a Japan VPN is a great investment for Japanese gamers. Regardless of their location, Japanese gamers can use a VPN in Japan to access US gaming servers. A VPN service is also beneficial for individuals looking to access servers from other locations around the world. The best VPN services have servers in the Unites States, Europe and Asia.  This allows users to access their favorite websites from virtually anywhere.

Consequently, investing in a high quality VPN service is a great solution for gamers.  Once connected to a VPN the user’s data is passed through a secure tunnel and encrypted with 256-bit AES encryption.  This prevents hackers from stealing personal information and ISPs from monitoring a user’s online activity.

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