While yesterday we reviewed the Xbox One today is the turn of the other half of the orange, the PS4. We have seen how it seems that PS4 has taken advantage these days but if someone has been asleep, here we will summarize everything we know about PS4.


In the absence of someone to open the console and teach us the guts, what we know so far leads to the conclusion that the PS4 is a real dark beast. A console always pale when compared with high-end PC but when compared with its rival, the Xbox One, the PS4 seems to win. Will have to see if this is a factor because the PS3 is also more powerful than the Xbox 360 and the games are not appreciated.

The PS4 has an AMD “Jaguar” 8-core and AMD GPU computing with 18 units that run at 800MHz, which gives results in graphics core 1.84 teraflops. As for storage has a 500GB hard drive that unlike the Xbox One will be interchangeable so that maybe in the future we can put an SSD.


One of the key points of the inside of the PS4 is RAM. In this case Sony has chosen to use GDDR5 8GB but the type. Assume that the developers have to be sufficient to these specifications.

Otherwise everything is very standard and expected since we have USB 3.0, HDMI, Ethernet, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

User Interface

One of the most critical points of the PS3 has been its user interface and has had little flexibility for multitasking. From talking with friends, update the system or downloading a game, everything seemed to cost and was not usable. The PS4 is willing to change this as they have boosted social options, you will have the ability to buy games from the mobile, you can download parts of the game, we can record our games and share and ultimately we do everything the PS3 cannot and so upset.

In the video you can see how the game transitions and menus are very fluid and see also how voice chat works not only in the game but is persistent. And the PS3 voice chat is nonsense. So, if it works as shown in the video will see a big step up to or we have now.

Other Aspects

Here we see one of the major changes for those of us from PS3. The online payment will be so clear. PSN Plus is now optional and offers good deals but PS4 will offer all this and how to play online multiplayer games. So if you want to play with our friends make the monthly payment will be playing.

On the issue of used games and Sony undertook to make a video explaining how the process went. They just do not put any DRM lock their games will not. Then other developers can do whatever they see fit because they cannot force anything. Also in the PS4 maintain the region-free, so we can buy games anywhere in the world and play them smoothly.

Another important point is to update the PS Eye which now has 2 cameras with a resolution of 1.200×800, four microphones and a degree of vision of 85 degrees which together with the colored lights on the remote will control possibilities movement to expand.

Price, Date of Departure and Conclusions

The latest bombshell about PS4 came at the end of the conference, where they showed the precious to be $ 399 or € 399, somewhat lower than what many expected and less than the Xbox One This price has already made stocks soar and failing to see if Sony loses money on each console sold as the PS3 is very good news for prospective buyers.

Its release date is expected around mid-November and will include countries like Japan, the U.S. and some Europeans. In conclusion, enough on PS4 looking very good. Maybe too much so we’ll have to see how it behaves in real life. Although now I look like a superior offer, the PS4 has to be a good console no matter as compared to the Xbox One and my biggest fear is the user interface, which is now desperate. If they fix this I think the internal characteristics of the machine and the price will do the rest.