Although some months ago we had a presentation of PS4 was not until yesterday when we met really important details of the console. If the command seen before and had an idea of ​​the internal specifications, with the presentation yesterday we only need to know the exact day of release. The war generation consoles will be interesting and now looks like a battle between 2 because Wii U is out in the background.

And when we thought there would be many similarities between PS4 and Xbox One turns out, there are not many and choosing one or another involves not only have some different exclusive games but have different functionalities. Assuming that the Japanese market will be dominated by Sony and that it will be for Xbox American One (although we may have surprises) will be interesting to see how they might behave in a market like Europe more neutral. For Latin America will need dates and prices more closely.

Before yesterday Sony seemed the company’s corporate and seemed static and PS4 PS3 back but more powerful. Today we see who have stayed with the good of PS3 (region free, unfettered interchangeable HDD to put the game you want) and have solved the big problem was the black beast at launch price.

In Microsoft have decided to go for the media and seems to bend to the demands of developers. The online check newspaper and did not bode well and now are confirmed obstacles for second-hand games. We also have less power (although in the end may not be noticeable), Kinect mandatory and a higher price.

It seems that Sony has learned from past mistakes and even here at Engadget some as Frankie opinion that the “PS4 shoebox is the most expensive in history” others believe that before starting to sell abmas and valuing only the machine, moment is cheaper to PS4.

Then we have to see that exclusive games and how they work are essential multimedia features Xbox One outside the United States, but I like that Sony has listened and recognized the problems of PS3 and this new version will have been remedied. By now they have managed to win and all that tail wind unfavorable oncoming them.