It is beyond any doubts that the E3 2013 was a victory for Sony. Sony not only showed its PS4’s hardware but also dominated Microsoft there. Besides the other attractive specifications, the success of PS4 in the market also lies in its DualShock 4’s new design.

The DualShock 4 gamepad is far better than the PS3 controller. The difference between the specifications of PS4 and PS3 controller is more noticeable than the difference between the Xbox One having so called “40 innovations” and the Xbox 360 gamepad.

The most noticeable difference between the PS4and PS3 controller is that the PS4 has a touch pad on its top. It is a 2 inch wide touch pad which allows clicking and pich-to-zoom gestures.


Concave Sticks

Another improvement in the PS4 controller is the analog concave sticks. These are more ergonomic and keeps your thumb in place while playing a game. On the other hand the PS3 controller had slippery joystick and while playing games the gamer’s thumb used to slip off from the centre but this sort problem does not happen when you use the PS4 controllers.Also, the PS4’s controllers have analog sticks which are placed at a reasonable distance from each other. This thing makes the usage of the controller more comfortable.

The DualShock 4 is not only appealing to the eyes but also in the hands. It has a remarkable design. It has a decent upgrade in its style.


Share Button

The share button on the controller is quite far away from the central buttons and if you want to press this button then you have to stretch your thumb which is a bit annoying. Same is the case with the options button. While playing games with the DualShock 4, your fingers remain spread all over the it due to far placement of these two important buttons.These buttons were at the centre of the DualShock 3 but now there place has been replaced by thetrackpad.

Array of LED’s

The DualShock 3 had a light bar of three LED’s which used to illuminate in different colours. It has been replaced by the tiny four LED’s which appear to be more effective but are not very flashy. These tiny LED’s help in player identification and their changing patterns tells the gamer about low health or minor damage. We will have to wait to see how developers use this array of LED’s for interacting with the game.