When talking about Smartphone games, very few of them come in mind like Angry Birds and Temple Run. Temple Run was launched by Imangi Studios and instantly got popular to mobile users all around the world in all age groups. The game was also not heavy with only 23.32MB, allowing all varieties of mobiles to install and enjoy. I myself is an avid player of Temple Run because it keeps you busy and never lets you get bored.

Now the Temple Run 2, follow up to the mega successful action/adventure game has arrived on Android devices week after landing on Apple. Like its predecessor, Temple Run 2 has proved itself worthy of appraising. The game is easy to pick with easy swiping navigations and mobile tilting. The user has to control the treasure hunter or thief on the run from terrifying giant ape with big claws. In temple run, we had vultures on our backs, which were comparatively small in size. However, the addition of giant ape has made game more thrilling because whenever you gets a little bit slow, the giant ape speedily closes in making you to run for your life. Gradually, the games gets fast, making the difficulty level difficult but gives the genuine challenge.

Temple Run 2 is slightly big in size with 32.41MB, but still the game is not heavy for processor. In your way to escape through a series of ropes, walkways and high ledges, the superb graphics indulges you deep into it. To make the game more interesting and compelling, there are various power up signs and coins in the way. Besides, you can also purchase through coins earned and enhance the time and power of different helping elements. There are also different players available that are bought through coins you have earned while playing.


The app itself is free, but if you are struggling to collect enough coins, you can buy bundles of in-game cash with real money. The game requires Android version 2.1 or higher, which should encompass just about every Android smart phone from the last two or three years. On Google Play, the game is receiving very good comments with rating going 4 and 5 stars. According to reports, Temple Run 2 for iOS has already been downloaded 20 million times; with Android speedily following up with 10 million downloads.