You’ll come across numerous choices for gaming mice. Some are average whereas; many others are the best in making you feel the most comfortable.  Your gaming mouse sensor can make a tremendous difference in how precisely it trails and how smooth it may feel while moving your hand. Some of these sensors are more dependable at much higher speeds. The software of your gaming mouse must be taken under consideration.

3 Best Choices for your Gaming Mouse:

At One Crack Gaming Mouse, you’ll be able to find just the right one for yourself. Here are the best three mice for you:

1.      LINGYI Gaming Mouse:

Often you’ll notice that going for the least expensive option might not be the best gaming experience. This is why the LINGYI gaming mouse will work as an unexpected item for you within a range of $10. It has a very precise sensor and it never overreaches. It has a cool design and the lights keep alternating time and again.

Using such a feature would help you turn in video games since it permits you to play without picking up the mouse too much. Ideal for shooter games, LINGYI maintains a balance between its IPS, DPI, and sensitivity.

2.      Version Tech 2400 DPI Mouse:

Ideally chosen for MMO games, the Version Tech 2400 DPI Mouse is inexpensive but it doesn’t seem so because of its great looks. The colors of this mouse keep shifting right across the rainbow and it would often even glow with more than just a single color.

This mouse is smooth and keeps turning without any glitches. It is a good investment and costs only about $10 for such a decent mouse in looks and functionality.

3.      Steel Series Rival 700:

Steel Series Rival 700 is exclusive and has an OLED display. It has various different settings or even GIFs made specifically for this display. It can be downloaded from many series of this brand.

It lets users enjoy features like RGB lighting and modifiable DPI settings. The mouse is costly but it’s perfect for the flexibility because FPS, MMO and RPG can all be played using this without troubles.  A major drawback is that it isn’t obtainable for left-handed people.


Finding the best gaming mouse might require efforts because there are lots of complex technical terms that need to be known while choosing the best gaming mice. These include those of DPI ratings and polling rates. People would want a higher number of these. However, these terms mean two entirely different things.