We show some of the accessories that allow you to feel immersive gaming media experience with a good compromise between quality and price without having to disturb the neighbors or other people in the house. We are talking about the new wireless headphones Thrustmaster Y-400Pw, for PS3, PC and Mac, and the model Y-400Xw Xbox 360 offering a wide range of performance and ease of configuration as they are Plug & Play.


Thrustmaster Family Y-400, features

These headphones work on 2.4GHz radiofrecuecia offering up to 10 meters of cover attached to the 10-hour rechargeable battery life promise to be a good solution for long hours of gaming. Another feature of these headphones is that you can charge while using with just use the cable that comes in the kit.


Both models integrate a small control unit that allows you to change various audio features in the model Y-400Pw is completely wireless, in the Y-400Xw model is integrated into the cable.

The wireless base also integrates an audio input 3.5mm where you can connect your mobile phone or MP3 player and listen to your music mixed with the audio from your console. It has 50mm speakers that promise great sound quality both serious acute and are covered by a comfortable pads. At the top of the left a trial have a volume control.

The ridings these headphones microphone is unidirectional and has noise suppression characteristics of moving the game environment clean your voice without background noise. In addition, the microphone can be removed if you’re not going to use, eliminating unnecessary weight and a fitting unnecessary if we watch movies or listen to music.

Availability and Pricing

Y-400Pw headphones are compatible with PlayStation 3, PC and Mac, and the Y-400Xw is compatible with Xbox 360. The headphones Y-and Y-400Xw 400Pw are available in August 2013 at a recommended retail of $213.52 (VAT included).