FIFA game is one of the most played games. As a result, FIFA Uplay Games developers keep on producing a new version of the game in question as a way of ensuring that their customers are ever entertained. Certainly, most gamers would like to take all their items from one version to the advanced one. However, not all the items can be transferred to the new version. Subsequently, this article will discuss some of the things that are not transferable.


  1. Card Items

Card items are very significant in FIFA UT. Some of the card types are such as contracts, players, and managers, among others. While advancing from FIFA 19 to FIFA 20 leagues, for instance, some gamers would like to carry the items in question. However, it is impossible to take them along, and instead, you will be forced to look for new ones.

  1. FIFA Coins

Similarly, FIFA coins ps4, Xbox, and PC cannot be carried along to the next version. Instead, you will be forced to earn them again in the newly acquired version. The easiest way to gain FIFA coins is by actively playing FIFA UT games.

  1. Match Records and History

Another item that will be lost when you shift from FIFA 19 PC, PS, or Xbox to FIFA 20 is the match records and history. At FIFA 20, you will have to restart all the games and progress afresh, thus losing the previous history. Therefore, you should be prepared to start a new game when you decide to advance from FIFA 19 to FIFA 20.

  1. FUT Club Records and Data

FIFA Ultimate Team club records and data are essential to every gamer since they are used to determine their play progress. However, they are left behind when you advance to a most recent version. For instance, while shifting from FIFA 19 to FIFA 20, the FIFA 19 data is left behind, thus forcing you to start a new one in FIFA 20.

FIFA Game 20

  1. Trophies and Achievements

The most enjoyable part of playing EA games such as FIFA is winning the awards among other accomplishments. Whoever, there is no window created to help you carry your achievements along when you start using a different version of the game. Instead, you are given a chance to win new trophies and make other achievements.

  1. Career Mode

Also, the career mode cannot be carried along to the next FIFA version. In FUT FIFA 19 mentor challenge, for instance, you are required to make a significant career mode either as a player or as a manager. Sadly, you will be required to forget all that progress in FIFA 20.

In Conclusion:

It is a combination of various items that makes FIFA game interesting. Therefore, introducing new challenges in every game version makes it lively and exciting. As a result, the items discussed above cannot be carried to the next version, thus giving you a chance to repeat a similar item, but with a different challenge.