Gone are the days, when having a video game meant only playing games and passing time with no motto. Now, the technological advancement has made the word “infotainment” absolutely real for the kids. Buying a TV video game device like Nintendo Console does not only make the kids play throughout the day, but your investment upon buying this device can help your kids use the device to store eBooks, MP3 and videos.

Yes, by attaching only an R4 card to the device, you can turn the game playing device into an extraordinary useful gadget that helps in storing useful MP3, video, and eBook files. Therefore, you get the privilege to skip the matter of buying some other data storing devices, like pen drive or DVD.

 Well, if you have no idea about what these R4i cards are, then you must keep your eyes here to know more about it.

 What good these cards can do?

These are mini-sized storage device that are attached to the Nintendo console devices, so that these can be used to store files and use them later as per requirements. Earlier this device had no memory storage capacity, so the users could not use them more than playing games. However, the invention of r4 cards made it possible to use the gaming device more than solely playing games.


 Is this really easy to use these cards?

This small size chip can be attached to the device easily and offers the facility of transferring files eat ease, only with a few clicks of mouse. Yes, you don’t need to be techno wizard to know how to use these storage devices. Therefore, once you buy these and hand it over to your kids, they become truly grateful to you for having these.

With the easy manual provided with the card box, you can learn to use the cards just within a few minutes and enjoy the best of it.

 Want to buy the cards?

These cards are easily available in the stores and even you can go for buying it online. By depending upon your requirement you can go for buying cards having a storage capacity of 2GB-8GB

Just keep it in mind that you need to choose the right model of the cards which can be attached to the device model you have, like a Nintendo DSi needs an R4i card to help you enjoy the file storing capacity.

 So, buy these cards and turn your Nintendo Console device more than just a mere game playing device for the benefits of your kids.