The computer games lovers of today have to buy a heavy computer with a heavy graphics card for playing games. They have to buy CDs, DVDs or have to download the games from the internet. Sometimes it happens that your computer does not have enough specifications to run that game which you want or it occupies too much space in your PC. But there is a good news for those people who love to playcomputer games. A new technology named game steaming is about to be released which will allow the user to play games without having need to install those games.

Game Streaming is cloud gaming

The basic concept behind game streaming is that the game is hosted on a server. The user gets access to that game via internet and then the audio and video of the game is displayed is on the computer. The user plays the game using his keyboard or controller and sends commands via the internet. The main thing to note is that the game is not installed on the computer rather it is hosted by the server and only its audio and video of the game are displayed on the user’s computer and it feels like that the game is installed on the user’s computer.


Play games without buying new gaming hardware

The game streaming will give the option to the consumers to play games online than to purchase new gaming hardware. It will allow you to play games on any interconnected device. Your session in the game will be savedon the server. Which means that even if you switch from one computer to another, you will still be able to resume the game from the same point where you have left. The cloud gaming will surely change the world of gaming. The users will not have to buy new CDs, DVDs or expensive gaming hardware. All they need will be an interconnection for playing games.

The game steaming requires that you should have a good internet connection. If you choose a high graphic game to play online the it will require that your internet connection is fast enough to bring the audio and video of the game to your computer without any jerks.

This technology has already been released in limited format and the users are experiencing it. Sites like onlive, Gaikai, instant action are providing the game streaming to the customers. You can play free games on these sites but the ones having high graphics requires you to have a premium account. But the true game streaming technology providing a wide range of games is yet to come and it will be available almost at the end of this year.