Microsoft is making strides toward achieving a sustainable future for gaming; Xbox Insiders will soon be able to take advantage of three groundbreaking new features from the Series X|S console, allowing gamers to reduce their environmental impact. With these innovative updates and Microsoft’s commitment to sustainability, they’ve earned the title of “the first carbon-aware console”. These latest features could significantly cut down on power consumption.

Carbon Aware

Through the new carbon-aware feature, your console will be able to identify when it can draw more renewable energy from power grids and schedule its downloads and updates accordingly.

Xbox has an innovative sustainability initiative where it schedules an app, game, and OS updates to be performed during specific times in the evening. This is great news for both gamers and environmentalists alike as lower carbon emissions will result from using electricity sources with a lower environmental impact.


Shutdown Power Option

Xbox Insiders can look forward to a new energy-saving feature – Microsoft has programmed this feature to automatically switch into Shutdown mode (energy-saving power option) when not in use. With your gaming console in standby mode, it could be using up to 20 times more energy than if you completely powered down (0.5W to around 10–15W). For most gamers, Standby offers the perfect balance between convenience and energy efficiency. However, this feature will help you to maximize power savings!

With over 50 million Last gen Xbox One consoles still in use, players will soon have access to a new ‘Shutdown’ mode. This energy-saving feature could be the key to reducing overall power consumption by those enjoying last-gen hardware. Microsoft is still in the process of determining how to most effectively communicate its new shutdown mode change. Unfortunately, models created before this update won’t undergo automatic transition.

With the new mode enabled, your console’s boot time may be slower but with a much lower energy cost.

Microsoft is tackling a huge challenge: encouraging Xbox One owners to switch their settings menu. This could be especially difficult for players using older models who may not be aware of the new features added over time. But, Microsoft is determined and willing to take on this monumental task!

Active Hours

Microsoft has also introduced a new active hours (Automatically Configured on X|S but Manually Set on Xbox One) feature to ensure gamers get the most out of their console – you can now set specific times when your Xbox will remain on standby so that it’s ready to go whenever needed! When those active time frames are over, however, it’ll power down til the next use.

Xbox Insiders have exclusive access to special features right now, but don’t worry – Microsoft has promised the update will be available for all users in the near future.

If you’re looking to minimize your desktop’s environmental impact, Windows PCs now offer features that can help! Windows 11 is taking the initiative to care for our planet by only updating when renewable energy sources are available in your local grid. It draws data from ElectricityMap and WattTime, the same trusted services powering Xbox series X|S’s carbon-aware updates!

Gaming PCs require a lot of power to run, but you can reduce your energy costs and help the planet by switching from sleep mode to shutdown when not in use. It may seem insignificant at first glance, however, over time it adds up – so be sure to keep an eye on those long-term savings!