With the amount of interest paid on savings these days at a pitiful level, many savvy savers are left wondering what to do with their nest egg.

Britain is still licking its wounds from the recessions of the past decade, and with banks being more cautious about who they lend their money to, there is very little opportunity to make significant gains on any savings, even those that are locked into 5-year plans.

After reading those two paragraphs, you are probably feeling a little depressed about your money. But don’t panic; there are still some ways to make your money work for you! Here are some of the things that you should think about investing in for 2014.


This commodity is probably one of the best things to invest your money in at the moment! I will have to be honest with you, gold isn’t something that always rises in value without fail, but for long-term investing, it is significantly less-risky than investing in stocks and shares.

To prove my point, many governments around the world keep stocks of gold bullion in reserve. When the British economy wasn’t doing so well a few years ago, Gordon Brown sold off some of that gold to prevent our economy from nosediving (although he was criticised for selling up when the value of gold was quite low)!

Still, gold is something that will always retain a superior value over other traditional commodities, and it is something that everyone around the world is happy to trade.


Everyone’s favourite search engine was born out of an idea from a couple of uni students in the United States. Today, the Google brand is synonymous with a number of free and premium products and services, and the majority of users on the World Wide Web use its search engine.

As a global technology company, Google is always looking at ways to innovate (and make money). One of its latest innovations is Google Glass (those funky specs that can take pictures, record videos and let you search the web).

Google is probably one of the better technology companies to buy some shares in.

Premium Bonds

For those seeking a low-risk way to invest their money, there is always the government-run premium bonds scheme.

You don’t technically get any interest on your savings, but instead they run monthly prize draws, where the prize funds can reach £1 million for lucky winners. If you need somewhere to store your money (or a large chunk of it), this HM Treasury-backed vault is one of the better places to keep your cash.


With growing speculation that the world’s oil resources running out in the near future, the price of crude oil is set to increase.

One of the other reasons why oil isn’t likely to drop in value much is because the number of motorists on the world’s roads is increasing each year.

You would need to invest a lot of money in oil to make a good return, and it’s probably not something you would want to consider for ethical reasons.

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