The real purpose of investing in an SEO strategy is plain and simple- to generate revenues for the business. Yes, traffic and leads do matter for e-commerce sellers. But conversions are the authentic parameter to gauge the success of a digital strategy. For this reason, marketers focus all the attention on the website’s conversion rate and make efforts to maximize it. There is no magic formula for getting high conversions. However, you can try out some proven ways to boost them for your business site. Let’s check them out:

1.Have a clear value proposition to communicate to the buyer

The key to e-commerce success lies in communication as a right message can drive customers home.  Know exactly what you have to offer to the customer and convey it in an impressive way. The secret is to have sassy images of the products along with impressive and comprehensive product description. Both of these matters as the online customer depend on them to make his purchase decision. This is the only way he can understand your value proposition because he has physical products to experience.

2.Work on building the customer’s trust

Customer trust is the mainstay of e-commerce selling as it can have a far-reaching impact on the conversion rate. A winning digital strategy is the one that lays as much stress on building trust. Have a professional looking site that instantly clicks with the shoppers. Provide genuine contact details because smart shoppers consider it as a yardstick to gauge the business’ legitimacy. Elements such as real reviews and genuine testimonials can enhance the trust factors. It is a great idea to add images and videos of real-life customers. You can offer live chat for customer support so that shoppers recognize your intention of being available even after closing the sale.

3.Ensure that your site is well-optimized

A well-optimized website can make all the difference to your conversion rate. To begin with, the product pages should be designed drive conversions. Click to know more about it. Amazing images and videos, a well-written copy, precise CTAs, a simplified checkout and social sharing buttons are a few elements that can truly entice the potential customer. You can add cross-selling and up-selling suggestions and have some compelling offers as well. Besides this, you need to ensure that the performance of the website is optimized in terms of speed and cross-device availability.

4.Offer easy searching and navigation

A majority of online shoppers know what exactly they are looking for when they visit a website. Offering them ease in searching is a great idea to keep them engaged and entices them to convert. You can add filters to enable them to take an easier route while searching specific options. Also make sure that the website’s navigation is absolutely seamless.

5.Test till you achieve perfection

A/B testing is another measure that expert marketers suggest for skyrocketing your conversion rates. Try out different permutations and combinations on the website. Test to find out which ones yield best conversions. Even small actions like changing the banner headline or the page layout can impact conversions to a significant extent. You can also offer some deals and discounts from time to time to test the customers’ reaction.

6.Give your sight a makeover once in a while

A periodic makeover can bring a positive impact on the conversion rate, particularly if it is focused on alleviating the pain points. Yes, it may be a considerable investment but is still advised if your site is struggling with the conversion rate. Consider the cost and benefits of a website redesign project before taking up one. Make sure that you engage a professional team for the job.

7.Minimize redundancy in the website

Bombarding the shoppers with too much information can irritate them and drive them away. It also affects the loading speed of the pages and causes performance issues. No wonder, a website with redundant elements is likely to have a higher bounce rate. The best way to lower the bounce rate and increase the conversion rate is to eliminate these elements. Avoid having too much text and too many buttons on the site. Similarly, do not push customers to fill a large number of fields as a part of the checkout process.

8.Be upfront about the prices

One of the main reasons that lead to abandoned carts is lack of transparency in pricing. Unexpected costs like shipping expenses, taxes, etc can elevate the product prices to a significant extent. Such hefty “add-ons” can be an unpleasant surprise which shoppers usually deal with by abandoning the carts. Being upfront about the prices right from the beginning is important as the customer will know what to expect.

9.Offer shipping discounts and deals

Another tip to instantly boost the conversion rated is to come up with attractive deals and discount. It can come in the form of free shipping, shipping discount, or a deal offer. You can welcome the newbies with a first-time purchase coupon. Loyalty discount would be a good idea for the regulars. Customers who bring in new ones can be offered a referral bonus. These deals not only lead to higher conversions but build customer loyalty as well.

10.Provide follow-up details

Customer support is perhaps one of the most vital elements of e-commerce selling. Giving your shopper follow-up details assures them of your availability even after selling the product. It also adds credibility to your business. Therefore, you must make the best efforts to build a strong customer support and servicing team. Be available with Live Chat, email support, and telephonic support so that they can connect any time. With this, you can propel conversions and build a loyal customer base as well.

E-commerce selling is a huge challenge, particularly when it comes to driving the visitors to convert. Implementing these smart strategies can have a far-reaching and positive impact on your website’s conversion rate. However, there is no perfect recipe for bringing instant results. Marketers believe that they have to lean by trial and error till they hit an optimal mix of these strategies.