Have you ever questioned what the will future be like for small-scale businesses? The single most enlightening change in our way of experiencing business today is the integration of technology with it. The digital commerce and software boom allows us to enjoy a variety of perks that never existed before.

Nowadays, companies are finding innovative technologies to help themselves in improving the customer experience. What does that mean? Basically, the customer experience can be defined as “every aspect of a modern consumer- cognitive, behavioral, and sensory, involved in purchasing or consuming.”

To maximize costumer experience, the companies are continuously evolving to make better products.

That’s right! Today we will shed a light on marketing tools for small businesses that help in scaling, improving, predicting; and above all, effectively enhancing the customer experience for your E-Commerce business.

Sounds impressive, right? stick with us till the end of the blog. Without further a due, Let’s explore five essential marketing tools and their benefits.

1) Hubspot

As the main tagline says, “Helping millions grow better.” it’s true that Hubspot change the way we looked at customer relationship management (CRM). It is an ecosystem that merges the community, learning, and software to make businesses grow better. Whether It is social media, email, content, or lead generation, Hubspot is a perfect business partner.

Consumers are most frustrated with inconsistent brand messaging. (MoEngage, 2021) Imagine this, in the outburst of software from everywhere, still there’s room for more innovative products. For instance tool that improve brand messaging.

2) Google Analytics

Among the immersive universe of Google’s revolutionary products, Google Analytics helps you in making the right decisions. If we ask, what makes this tech revolution influential is that it relies on data science, machine learning, monitoring, and analysis of the market.

Hence, It is the perfect tool for marketing, analysis, advertising, and scaling the performance of your small business to worldwide success. It provides you with more outstanding control than ever!

3) BuzzSumo

If you are related to social media marketing, you are likely familiar with Buzz Sumo. According to their official website, Thousands of businesses use BuzzSumo for scaling, growth, branding, monitoring, and other benefits, All-in-all with one innovative marketing tool.

With the motto, “inspire writers of all stripes,” it is a smartest tool for data-driven content research. Hence a flashy, engaging, and easy platform for exceptional content research.

4) Ahrefs

A well-known SEO toolset that takes your business among the authority in any niche through data-driven keyword analysis and optimization. According to the official website, “The Ahrefs team takes great pride in collecting, processing and storing large amounts of data for search marketing professionals.”  The data-based software can be ranked among the most credible products in the marketing and optimization for small-scale businesses.


CLEVR AI made an impact in the well-established market with a user interface that set it apart from the rest. With this cutting-edge technology, you can get all the features to drive your business to the highest peak with unbound traffic flow. And analyze it in the data-driven dashboard in real-time.

it is easy to use, There is no need for manual efforts whatsoever. You just need to lay on your back and observe the dashboard to analyze, optimize, and monitor your business. The CLEVR AI is famous for Improving your marketing, saving your valuable time, and taking the effectiveness of your business to successful measures.