Genieo is a unique software program that not only improves your web browsing experience but it also changes the way you perceive RSS feeds.  With this software program, you will be able to more easily access your favourite feeds from news, financial and social media sites, among others.  RSS feeds, also known as news feeds, are a way to stay up to date with the most up-to-date developments from various websites, news sites, social media sites and so forth. These feeds include tweets from Twitter, blog posts, browser searches, Facebook updates, news updates and so forth.  This information can be delivered to you in the form of a news feed.  Casual browsers and technical experts alike have developed an understanding of news feed services.  News feeds enable you to more quickly and effectively ‘pull’ information that is important to you from your favourite sites.  Essentially, RSS feeds enable you to subscribe to news and updates from your most visited websites.

Problems with RSS Feed Readers

The software programs that constitute these feeds are known as feed readers.  These readers gather information from your preferred sites and push the content into a section when it is published.  Feed readers are a great way to stay connected to information and these services are offered by a variety of providers including the Google Reader and Microsoft Outlook.  Unfortunately, many of these readers do have problems.  One of the problems is that you have to manually subscribe to the feeds.  With most readers, this is the only method that allows you to see news feeds when they are published.  Some users choose to bookmark their favourite sites in order to receive these readers but the true problem with RSS feeds is that you want to be continuously updated about all new developments.  In turn, this means that you will be overwhelmed with feeds from sites that no longer interest you.  It takes a lot of time, attention to detail and work to maintain these RSS feeds.

Genieo: An RSS Feeds Solution

Genieo is at the front of the pack in terms of technological advancement.  This revolutionary software program was created to allow you to completely customize your web browsing and information gathering experience.  At the same time, this program streamlines your online browsing and is always adapting to your changing interests and needs.  Another benefit of this software is that you will only see content that meets your wants and needs.  You can access your favourite news without the need to deal with feed lists and filters.  This software enables you to eliminate the laborious process of managing your RSS feeds.  The intelligent software automatically brings you news that you care about from your preferred social networks, news sites and websites.  You can automatically create your feed list without the need to put in any extra effort.  You simply need to browse the internet and find information that is relevant to your interests.

How Genieo Works

This software program is constantly working in the background to compile information about your searches on websites.  This information is recorded by the program and it is managed to give you the optimal results.  Websites are HTML pages which have links that correspond to specific news feeds and content.  In addition, web browsers like Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer have buttons that enable you to find these specific links and then subscribe to the feeds. Through a browser add-on, Genieo has access to all of the RSS feeds in order to simplify your browsing experience.  All in all, you will be shown the RSS feeds that are interest you from your preferred websites.

You may wonder how you would know with any degree of certainty what sites on the feed list actually interest you. Genieo has an answer to that question as well.  While the information about how exactly this pioneering software works is proprietary, it is clear to see that there are few – if any – software programs that can manage RSS feeds in an intelligent manner.  With this software, you will have your own customized startpage that knows exactly what matters to you. There is no need for you to manually manage your feed readers and open additional tabs for social networking options.  Advanced algorithms are the basis of this software program and they are able to determine exactly what interests you and then display that information accordingly.