After retirement, you might want to continue working to supplement your income or just because you enjoy doing it. You can offer your skills in the digital world—where age is just a number. When searching on the Internet, I noticed that most of those “earn online income” tips are targeted towards teenagers. As a retired person, you might not be too keen to make money on Instagram.

Does that mean there are no “decent” ways to earn online income. Of course there are. All that it needs is your skills and deep perspective.

Here are a few options you can try to make money online as a retired person:

Share Knowledge

You can start teaching young minds by joining online universities or other vocational institutes. You can also work as an online tutor to impart knowledge to other people. Many websites seek online tutors of certain subjects and professional courses. Some of them specifically require old/senior citizens, especially the ones with older students.

Identify your fortes like finance, professional ethics/grooming, or public speaking. Approach the online learning platforms and start teaching.

Become a Tester or Researcher

This is easy money and does not require any particular money. All you need is a personal computer and internet connection. You can participate in surveys and focus groups. Giving your opinion on certain subjects can get you paid now. However, surveys do not offer big bucks while focus groups get you paid well for your time. Be a part of a research study—it might only require an hour from your day but can be a good income source.

You can also be a website tester or a mystery shopper. A website/app tester just uses the new app or website and gives feedback in terms of user experience. A mystery shopper pays a visit to stores and shares their experience.

Independent/Freelance Consultant

During your job, you have acquired accumulated wisdom, expertise, and contacts. If you loved doing that job, you can continue working in the field by starting consultancy. Identify your area of expertise. Even though you are an expert in many fields, you might have to choose between them.

Some areas are more beneficial in terms of independent consultant work like talent sourcing, marketing strategy, insurance plans, and banking. Capitalize on your contacts to find clients or sign up on online consultant marketplaces. You can also offer your skills on freelance platforms.

Become a Local Tour Guide

During all this time, you must have visited a number of towns, small cities, and scenic places. You remember how they were as well as what happened there a while ago. You unique take on things, knowledge, and anecdotes can make you a good, engaging local tour guide.

Start arranging tour trips in your own town or any other place you know well about. You can make these trips thematic like heritage-rich places that many people do not know about.

Start a Gardening Business

Gardening can be a lucrative business these days. If you are already tending to organic produce, it is time to turn it into a business. This option is ideal for people who are passionate about plants. You can grow your plants and earn money at the same time.

Start selling the fruits/vegetables, herbs, and even flowers from your garden. It is better to make it completely organic, as demand for organic foods is rising rapidly. Mushrooms are also a profitable plant that can turn into a full-time income source.

You can also sell the seeds to help others set up their gardens. Moreover, you can start a YouTube channel or a blog on gardening tips.

Publish a Book

At this stage of life, you must have many stories to tell. You have attained a lifetime of knowledge and wisdom. Moreover, your brain is more creative than many young minds out there. Studies indicate that aging brains tend to be more creative and old people have higher Crystallized IQ test scores. So, you can combine your creativity with wisdom and share your story with other people.

It can be anything from a rundown of significant events you witnessed to anecdotes or lessons/advice for young people. Getting a book published has become easier over time. You can self-publish your book as well or go old school and contact publishers.

Work as a Proofreader

Many older adults are more concerned about grammar and spellings than millennials or Gen Z. Regardless of how much fun young people make of this old people/boomer trait, they need this when they get their work published.

Capitalize on what has become a part of your nature and become a proofreader. Now, let’s see who will have the last laugh in this tussle between old wisdom and young, carefree (grammar-free) ideation. Many websites and publishing companies are always on the lookout for good proofreaders. You can approach them and get started as a professional proofreader.