Today, everyone from the plumber down the street to the top restaurants have an online presence. Building a website is as important and building a store front. As with your storefront, your website needs to stand out and be noticed. This is where an online marketing strategy becomes important. Having a good marketing strategy can make the difference between your website being just another website and being on the first page of search results. Here are a few tips to get you there.

Promote Your Reviews

Very few people shop online without reading reviews. So, the first step of Digital Marketing is to get your products and services reviewed. Whether the review is good or bad, you must respond to it. When you get a good review, you must promote it so that more people get to see it. Make a post about it on your social media pages. However, don’t do this for all your reviews or your readers will tire of it.

Categorize Correctly

It is important to get yourself listed in as many directories as possible. What’s more important is to be listed correctly. Avoid being listed in the ‘others’ category. Being unique is a good thing but not when it comes to categorization. Similarly, it isn’t always a good thing to be listed under too many categories. Remove the category heads that you don’t want to focus on.

Create Usable Content

Your website will be as popular as the content it generates. Investing in original content is one of the basic requirements of an online marketing strategy. However, the difference between good content and great content lies in its relatability. Your content should be useful to the reader. Include news about local happenings, DIY guides as well as guides for local activities.

Be Social

Many brands use their Social Media Channels only to promote their brand. Rather than make people want to follow your social media pages, this can turn them off. Instead, use your social media pages to engage with your audience. Your weekly posts should be a mix of promotional posts and content that your readers can benefit from with the latter taking up a higher percentage. You could also run contents and giveaway coupons on your social media pages.

Think Locally

Whether you’re just starting out or have a big following already, it is always best to think locally in terms of your online marketing strategy. Organizing competitions associated with local news can also help. Pay attention to local events and exhibitions that you can ‘piggyback’ on. Claim your listing on Google my Business and other such directories.

Create Individual Landing Pages

The ultimate aim of any online marketing strategy is to make your brand recognizable and to bring people to your website. However, your homepage doesn’t always have to be the first page they see. Create unique landing pages for each of your ad campaigns depending on what the campaign focuses on.  The client may then be further redirected to other pages of your website.