Instagram shadow bans are rife, and you might be a victim of one. No one knows what triggers this phenomenon, but still, it happens and you need to be ready when it hits. Instagram hasn’t come out clearly on this issue, hence the “shadow” in the name. Today we look at how to avoid the issue completely.

When you get banned, your tools might not work as you expect them to. Your hashtags might not work and you might get a message from Instagram that your account is under review. Here is a way to handle the issues.

Know Your Bot

You need to know how your bot works and use it the right way. This means you need to test it before you can apply it to the account. Understand the features that come with the bot and how you need to apply them to the page for it to work the magic you need. Income Artist gives you a sneak preview of the most common bots to consider.

Once you know how the bot works, you need to use it the right way. For instance, don’t be overexcited about the bot and rake in thousands of likes in a few hours. What you need is to make sure you come up with a pattern and stick to it. Any drastic changes in the pattern can make your account suspicious.

Know What Websites to Visit

Instagram has a list of unapproved websites that you shouldn’t use in your engagement. If the app has not been approved by Instagram, it can lead to your account being shadowbanned. Always check the login screen, which should ask you to give permission for access to your account.

If you are signing up through a browser, the URL should include the Instagram URL, that is, the action should redirect you to and not another site.

The Truth about Hashtags

Hashtags represent the only way to get organic traffic to your Instagram page, and then consequently to your website. Perform some research and get the right tags to add to your content. Once you do, your users easily get to what you offer, whether services or products. Make sure the hashtags reflect these services. You can use targeted, location or popular hashtags.

It Takes Time!

Getting to the top of the Instagram marketing pile doesn’t take a day – you need to put in some efforts over time. However, these efforts bear fruit and you will soon get what you want in terms of conversion and traffic.