Even though, the algorithm of the search engines is always changing but there are still some seo rules which have been constant since a long period of time. Most of the people are just trying to find a shortcut when it comes to seo. One thing which you have to keep in mind is that shortcuts would only work in the short term. If you really want to get consistent traffic to your website, you have to always think about the longer term. Owing to this very reason, you have to always look into the rules which you have to follow in order to rank your website for the longer term.

  1. Natural back links:

If you' re letting the artificial back links or if you're paying for the back links, your website would rank higher in the short term. However, in the algorithm updates, it would go back in rankings again. That is why the traffic which you would be able to increase would only be for a shorter duration of time. Many times, you would not even be able to get the positive return on the amount which you have spent in order to get these back links. Before you' re able to break even,due to the algorithmic updates, your website would be pushed backward. That is why it is a better idea to go for the natural back links so that you are able to rank your website for a longer period of time and you are able to increase the traffic naturally.

  1. Posting relevant content:

While more the content, the better it is for your ranking but instead of just posting in each and every niche which you come across, you have to keep your website relevant to a certain subject. When you' re able to keep your website relevant to a certain subject, automatically it would become easier for you to get better SEO rankings for your website. You have to understand that the visitors coming to your website should be able to find relevant information on the broader subject on your website. When you're able to do that, not only the page views per visitor would increase but also the relevancy which you have on your website would help you in ranking higher on the search engines. This would automatically ensure that you are able to get more amount of traffic from the search engines.

  1. User generated content:

If you really want to get unique content for your website, you have to also focus on user generated content. When you' re opting for user generated content, automatically the amount of content which you would have on your website would increase significantly. This would help you in ranking higher. When you' re having users who are contributing to your website, they would be able to not only generate a lot of content but also relevant content. This would promote the engagement levels on your website which would also help you rank higher. So, instead of just focusing on the back links, you have to look into these three seo rules which have always remained constant and thereafter try to rank your website.