Let me ask you a question.

How many of you remember the old Yellow Pages?

I bet not many.

But as one of the oldest marketers I know the value Yellow Pages had before the growth of Internet.

With technology taking the world by the grasp of its palm, businesses have started to adapt with ongoing tech changes.

And one of the major impact technology had on businesses has to be the necessity of going digital.

It’s assumed that by 2019, almost 96% of businesses will have their website done!

So does this mean having a website for a business is a necessity?

Yes if you are serious about growth.

..and if you are a non technical guy, I’m pretty sure building a website can be a daunting ask!

But hey you can learn from the likes of us before jumping the wagon.

Here I offer 4 best tips to consider before deciding to go digital:

Understand your requirements

Not knowing what you want to achieve from your project is one of the pet peeves of any business owners. Even If you have no technical skills, you should always do a thorough research. There are certain features that you might need in your website which you need to mention in the proposal.

If you are working on ecommerce website, you probably need a conversion optimized pages with sales funnel. Also social media integrations is probably one of the go to weapons to build trust and credibility. These are the things you should know before hands to make your work easier as a business owner.

Bank on the Experience

In my years of experience working on tech, I have heard a lot of horror stories where business owners get ripped for penniless works.

This is where owners must play smart. You should prepare a checklist of questions to go with. Ask with the experience the agency or freelancer have in the field.

I would probably stick with agency instead of freelancer for sheer comfort of communication, but if you lack money, freelance options can also get the job done.

Always ask for the experience and portfolio to go with it. Big web development agencies like Web Mage always have a bigger picture to showcase to its clients.

Never shy away from asking what’s necessary to get your dream project up and running.

Illustrate Web development process

Now, this may be go a little complicated to you as it’s something really technical. But hey! When will the whole research thing come into action.

Always ask the process they go through building a website. How many phases they go through?? Will they first show the UX design for approval? All these things should be answered before moving through first payment. Timelines along with project delivery should be discussed thoroughly as well.

Total Project Cost

This is one of the major concerns of every business owners and stand above the rest. Having a web design that speaks for itself is one step down but the total cost is what defines the project.

At first determine the budget you can allocate for your business. Mostly, the development works and payments are done in periodic manner based on completion of phases. Can you allocate the required budget the company of your choice have agreed upon?

Understand all these necessary factors before undertaking any web development company. These tips will keep you floated in your journey and make things much easier.

Post is contributed by Amin who runs a SEO agency in Nepal and works as a freelance writer for many web design companies. Always leaning a step forward on learning technological advancement, he kills most of his time developing new web skills.