There are many online SEO tools available that can help your site ranking in a very quick time. But all of those tools are not very effective. Some of those tools may penalize your website just like back-links maker. Today we will discuss some tools that can help your website ranking better.

Article Rewriter:

Article rewriter tools are used to generate articles quickly also it helps you to post content on your
website regularly. Most of the article rewriters are free but some of them are paid. Before you buy an article rewriter tool make sure to check rewritten samples of that tool. We also recommend you to buy a trial plan before you purchase a fully premium plan.

Domain Authority Checker:

This tool is used when you want to purchase backlinks from other websites. SEO experts use domain and page authority checker tools to check the ranking of the website. It helps them to buy a quality backlink for their website. Website having domain and page authority greater than 20 considered as powerful domains.

Page Authority Checker:

This is very similar to DA checker tool. Page authority of a website varies page to page, while DA remains the same. Page authority of a web page can be increased by building powerful backlinks. To maintain page authority of a web page it is recommended to get backlinks on regular basis. Domain and page authority of a website calculated by Moz. It has various factors to calculate it like domain age, domain trust, trust flow, Moz trust and some other parameters.

Moz rank checker:

Moz rank is just like the page rank that was introduced by Google. Everyone knows page rank does not exist now. So Moz rank is an alternate of the Google PR. Moz rank of web pages also different although it linked with the same domain name. Moz rank values of a web page could be from 0 to 10. Domain authority, page authority and Moz rank for any website updated on regular basis.

Plagiarism Checker:

Every content writer needs this tool because Google does not like copy pasted content on your website.Well, this problem is solved by plagiarism checker tools. This online software scan you content sentence by sentence and found relevant sources against your text. It is best to have your plagiarism value less than 20%. To prevent it, you can use some online article rewriter tool to make your content 100% Unique. Remember that, making unique content is not enough you have to check grammar and spell mistakes in your content if you want good ranking in the search engines.