In today’s era communication has spread through various modes. Blogging is one of the communication tool through which one delivers his creation, ideas, thoughts and stuff that he wishes to. Building a successful blog is the toughest part of blogger’s life and to make it successful one way is incoming links. These free links give your blog a good rating and many advertisers want you to put their ads on your blog thus you can charge higher and earn well too. Here are some tips to links building

  1. Be People’s voice

A good blogger is the one who writes the content that people want to read. Thus, observing your surrounding s and looking over issues you can have idea of what people want to read which you can then write in form of some amazing articles on your blog to get people’s attention. Write interesting and helpful content will attract people and they will share it with others too.

  1. Get your hands on Blog Directories

To reach maximum number of people and various advertisers, the best way is to submit your blog on blog directories which will catch people’s attention and will increase number of links to your blog too.

  1. Contact blog rolls

When you think you have enough good content that is published and have gained some appreciation and traffic it is good to approach other bloggers that have similar topic as yours and suggest a blog roll reciprocal link. By doing this, you will be able to develop relationships with other bloggers and will in turn get more traffic too.

  1. Do Guest Blogging

It is one of the best ways to just not grab attention of more people and to get more traffic but also to increase substantial number of incoming links.

  1. Go for Blog Contests

In order to gain more popularity and increased number of incoming links held some blog contest to drive more traffic. It’s a great way to promote your blog and your blog contest on different blog sites. Furthermore, you can also add contest rule to your participants that they can write blogs and then add your blog name in the end too for promotion.

  1. Write various contents for other sites

Blogging is just not restricted to only your blog; you can also write various types of content on several topics for other sites, online magazines that accept freelance submission which will eventually helps you to publish your content on different places.

  1. Use Social networking Sites

Social networks such as Facebook, twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn etc will also be a great platform to show your writings to other people and to attract many people and advertisers who are willing to put their ads on your blog.