Choosing an SEO is important. It is, after all, the way to get the attention of the cyber world. Why else would you create a website if nobody visits it? But, it is equally important to choose the correct SEO company as a wrong decision here can lead to devastation. Let’s talk about it in a bit details.

SEO is divided into two distinct segments, the ethical SEO practitioners aka White Hat SEO and the unethical bad guys. White hat SEO would be focusing on ethical ways to bring your site up while the bad guys will concentrate on mainly two things, how to get the competitors down and/or how to get a quick but temporary increment in search engine ranking. Most of the search engines including Google are very harsh on the bad guys about this. If your search engine optimizer uses these techniques and Google catches you, nobody but you suffers as your site loses rank considerably. The bad guys will obviously flee to find another innocent client. And mark my words, it will take months for the most efficient and expert white hat chap to get your site back into recognition.

There are companies which promise quick result, and sometimes they deliver too, but don’t fall for this in a hurry.  Decide and choose the best company depending on many aspects.

Firstly, check for how long the company is in business. If it is a new company, it is better to avoid. These companies often change name after a scandalous past and try to catch new clients using new identity.

Then there is the portfolio page which you should check carefully. Always go for verifiable client testimonials. Companies often pay actors to act in so called “video testimonials” and give them fictitious names. Check the “our clients” or equivalent page on the company website and verify as many clients as you can.

Check the results displayed yourself. Many companies advertise how they have brought a particular keyword up for a specific company. Open your preferred search engine and search for that keyword and check if the company in the advertisement is at the place it should be. A little fluctuation is ok but if the SEO company claims to bring the keyword to 5th place and you find it to be 58th then stay away from that company.

All these points are few of the signals which you should take into consideration while choosing the best firm for yourself. I would warn you again, choosing a wrong search engine optimizer can lead to a downfall and recovery from there will cost you a considerable amount of time, money and effort.  So, please proceed carefully in the treacherous world of search engine optimization.