In today’s world SEO has become one of the important and essential tool for many business organization be it of any kind. Many advertising agencies and advertisers use Google AdWords in order to directly get the paid visitors who can visit their site. Following are some of the ways that can help you to use Google AdWords for SEO purpose

Use of the keywords

For SEO campaigns, keywords play an essential role and being an expert in this field it is important to be aware of the keywords that are being used. Although there are many free and premium keywords research tools available but Google AdWords are still considered to be the best. The method for keyword research is simple and what you need to do is either enter the URL of your website, or enter the keywords that you consider the most important and all the suitable keywords would show up within just few seconds. Furthermore, you can also refine your search and can go for the keyword that is suits the most. Since you cannot rank any keyword as good or bad but you can easily use the keyword that is appropriate for your content and fits the most. Keywords like these will have less competition on the Google AdWords. The best tip for searching the keyword is to simply go to and type the keyword then note the number of webs results that are shown for each keyword. You can rank the keyword by dividing the global search volume by the number of web results thus optimizing the ones with high ratio.

Converting the selected keyword

It is important to know which suitable keyword is good for your use so once you get the keywords list with you, all you need is to figure out which keywords will convert well and it can only be find out by means of practicing. Let’s take an example that if you try to optimize a website by using a keyword like “SEO” and if that site comes up with SEO templates then it might take much longer period for ranking it first on Google. With the help of Google AdWords and its campaigns that cost about 20-30 dollars will take about a week or even less time to help you in determining the high bounce rates for “SEO” that will save a lot of your efforts and time too.

Getting Better Click Trough Rate (CTR)

With the use of Google AdWords you can rank good for a keyword(s), can get more traffic but what’s more important is to get more CTR. The AdWords can be used for getting a high CTR and improving your rankings too. Using CTR will take some time and tries but after finding the right combination you can use the keywords for title and description of your SEO.