As per SEO experts, the art of building backlinks for notching higher Google rankings needs a fruitful link-building plan and helpful strategies in place. The idea is to target all the popular and oft-searched key phrases, and also have a strategy that builds a brand that Google would trust. The plans for climbing higher on ranking scales should have coverage for Google updates to be feasible for digital marketers and website owners / managers. Here are two external websites that I have successfully used in the world of SEO marketing – FatJoe and SEOJet.


This website is a smartly-organized link management software. It goes through all the website pages that you care about to help you build #1 ranking for your link profiles. The methods used on this site show you how to create link maps for your pages so that they can match with other top-ranking link profiles without trying too hard.


A popular blogger outreach company, FatJoe is another hot favorite for people looking for higher search engine rankings for their website. This website is known for its professional methods of posting guest blogs on the blog sites relevant to specific business niches.

Using SEOJet and FatJoe

I kept on using these two websites in unison for creating the best ever link building system. Soon, I was in a coveted position wherein I managed to grab top 3 rankings on search engines with much reduced links – actually to the extent of a whopping 70 percent less. I could manage this feat by using these two websites consistently; and together.

My SEO Strategy

My well-conceived SEO strategy comprised of three essential components. These were:

  • Building of brand trust as per the algorithms laid down by Google.
  • Owning all category specific searches present on Google.
  • Creating SEO friendly power pages for covering all topics of my interest in depth, and linking to them without fail.

Sure enough, by indulging in these three steps, I could garner serious traction with the giant search engine. Google trusts most big brands as they capture links naturally. Similarly, with a large audience in place, my website was totally newsworthy and depicted serious brand loyalty. It’s really intriguing how I used FatJoe and SEOJet to get top 10 rankings on Google for everything. Why don’t you try to gain the same mileage, right away!