I will show you how to get to the top of the personal training studio listings by demonstrating my time-tested strategy. Before I do, let’s examine why local SEO is so important for every personal training studio today.

The way to start is by making a list of keywords that best represents what services you provide. For instance, you might select “personal training studio classes”, “personal training studio instructor”, and “late night personal training studio”. After you have listed all your keywords, go to Google and register for a free Google Ad Words account.

If you have an Ad Words account, you can use its free Google Keyword Planner. You don’t need to make or purchase an ad campaign to use it. Using the Google Keyword Planner, you can enter your keywords and it will tell you how much traffic you will get. It will also give you ideas for related keywords that you might have not thought of.

Now you should prune down your list of keywords. It’s good to know that all keywords can be classified in one or two main categories:

Buying Intent: Buying intent keywords tell you that the prospective customer is very close to needing to buy your services. For instance, let’s say someone is searching for “personal training Toronto” This implies that he or she is more than likely seeking to enroll in a class. If you zero in on buying intent keywords, you will get the speediest results. Place them on your website’s homepage. Design website service pages that use them as the focal point.

Research Intent: Prospective new personal training students are seeking more information when they use research intent keywords. She may be looking to take a beginner’s personal training class at some point in the future, but maybe not right now. For instance, if she is looking for answer to the question, “what is personal training” she is likely considering to study different kinds of personal training.

Research intent keywords should have a lower priority in your campaign since they will obtain conversions in the future, but not right now. But don’t disregard them! They are very good for blog post topics and frequently asked questions (FAQs). Blog posts based  on research intent keywords are good for introducing your future students to your personal training studio because they may recall you when they have decided to actually enroll in a personal training class.