The search engine optimization is becoming more and more complex and difficult for any beginner in that field. The purpose of SEO is to optimize your website through different techniques and tools for search engines. In the early stages of SEO, the mainly target was focused on the keyword optimization. But after interval of time, the target dispersed on various other factors. Different search engines are updating their algorithms continuously, for example Google Panda that appeared as major challenge for the Search engine optimization professional. Here are some tips and tricks which will help you to build an impressive SEO for your business website and improves your ranking in the search engines.

  • Effective Content Is Essential

The copy pasting of content from other websites into your own website will not give you any rank in the search engine as well as you will not be able to grab any traffic to your website. All search engines including Google are smarter enough to detect any use of duplication in the website. If you have duplicate data in your website instead of effective content than instead of getting ranked in the search engine your website may get penalized by Google.

  • Mobile Optimization Is Mandatory

After the “Hummingbird” update from Google, it is a tricky task to get ranked in the search engines without having proper mobile strategy. The mobile optimization includes the strategy to fulfill your mobile user’s needs and behavior. The internet surfing from smartphones is increasing day by day and your website should have responsive design to perform correctly on different smartphones with great looks and performance.

  • Importance Of Social Media

The more you share your website content, the higher you will get the chances to grab rank in the search engine results. The massive use of social media increases the demand to be social to have better results as it is one of the major SEO technique.

  • Avoid Keyword Stuffing

Don’t make a mistake to stuff your keywords in the single article as this will irritate the users with repetition of words. It is good practice to include your keyword in the first and last paragraph of your article as search engines crawl them first.

  • Enhance The Article Quality

Few years ago, the article with length of 25o words was enough to have better position in the search engines. But after the Panda update, the age of short articles amplified. Now you will see top results having longer articles as people love to read in-depth detailed articles.

  • Monitor The User Bounce Rate

The bounce rate refers to the time spend by user on your website. The user will dedicate more time in your website if you are having fresh and meaningful content with the satisfaction to fulfill the needs of the customers. The increase in your user engage rate will decrease the bounce rate and you will have more chances to rank high in the search engines.