Everyone created websites so that people visit their site and got interested in their respective business or products which they are selling. For beginners in website building environment, you should follow these steps so that people come and visit your web. The first step for beginner is to learn all the basics of SEO. After getting information about search engine optimization, you can practice different SEO tips. Here is an awesome SEO tool, which should be used to have better SEO for your website.

Google Analytics

To have check and balance on your website Google analytics is the best tool. You should learn tracking of search queries, referrals and different traffic sources for website. These all tactics will make you analytics ninja to get improved site after every day. Google Analytics is the combination of five different reporting types, which are explained below.

  • Real-Time

Real time report is used to have real time analytics about your content of website. The historic data is much important one to consider then real time as it will give you previous track record of your performance. But real time reporting is used interestingly when anyone just created its website and wanted to know what’s going around in his website.

  • Audience

The audience reports include all the data about your audience that what type of audience is visiting your site or from which location your site is visited more often. There are metrics about location, age, language and gender of audience visiting your site. A flowchart is also included in there for checking the entrance of the user and visiting of user on certain pages.

  • Acquisition

This report is used to have deeper view about your website traffic sources. There are different kind of sources like organic traffic, direct traffic, keyword traffic, referral traffic and social traffic. Direct traffic is the number of visitors which type your website address in the URL section of the browser. Organic traffic is type of traffic in which visitors come from different search engines. Social traffic is such traffic which comes from different social media groups or pages or profiles.

  • Behavior

This report is used for drilling down into website pages individually. If you want to have your top 3 most visited pages of your website, you would go to this report to check that.

  • Conversions

The last reporting category is conversions, which is used to focus on user signups for newsletters and form submissions. In this report, you will get stats about how many users have completed the signups and forms.

If you want to become expert in Google Analytics, then you have a great chance to grab. There is free course regarding Google Analytics with training and certification on completion of course. There are many other SEO tools to use, but Google Analytics is the best one for beginners as well as experts.