Say you have a beautifully designed website. The website not only looks beautiful but also provides detailed information about your product. You are starting new or have been here for quite a long time, but people are not aware of your product. You have spent time working on the front and the back ends of the website for nights but when the site went live it was simply crushed below all the websites that are currently live now. This would be a very negative sign for a company’s growth. Even though you have a perfect product you are not able to reach your targeted audience.

This is where SEO would come into play. The major thing about SEO is that it would help you climb the search engine page rank and since it is a 24/7 thing, you do not have to keep looking over it. As a business, the major thing that you should be focused on is getting your product out there. Finding a reach and a greater target audience is important for growth and SEO helps you get there. Wikipedia has categorized SEO under internet marketing strategy. Implementing SEO really helps you reach the audience that you have targeted.

The following are a few reasons why your business should implement SEO:

1. It helps you establish your name
The first thing that you would want is to establish your name in the game. If people know you then it is quite frankly easier to promote. Every company has a brand that they want to establish. The way how SEO would help in this is by rising your business (webpage) rank. The higher the rank, the more likely it would be for the audience to find out about your website and eventually your business.

2. It helps establish credibility
Tell me what you trust the most, the results on the 1st page of Google search or the results on the 4th page. It has been said that you can hide a dead body in the second page of google search results. If you are establishing a business then you would have to make sure that you are on top of everything. The better implementation of SEO means you would rank higher in the Google searches. This is quite a good thing for your business.

3. It is a long-term thing
We cannot expect the website to rank higher in a single day. It might take months. But here the thing is that even though it takes time to climb up the rank, a fall is imminent to a certain extent. You would have enough time to change the strategy and work through. Also, the more time we put into SEO, the better the chances of avoiding and fall in rank and even greater the chances of climbing up.

4. Eventually rank at the top
According to a published research, 40 percent of all hits were associated with the page that was ranked number one in the search. Also, interestingly 30 percent of page 1 and 2 do not even get clicked at all. So, the better implementation of SEO and the time invested on it would provide to be useful. Slowly with time if the page ranks number 1, it would be very beneficial for the business.

5. SEO is not that expensive
One thing that we have to admit is that nothing in the world is free. It is not to say that SEO is expensive though. Comparatively, it is very cheap. One could invest a lot when it comes to business and it is justifiable but when it comes to SEO, sure it costs a few but the payoff is totally worth the money.

SEO is considered to be a fairly new way of marketing. The websites that go live every day is quite high. It is 2018 and lots of tool and access have been provided to the general people. If you live in certain regions like Atlanta, you can opt for Atlanta Local SEO. This makes much easier for publishing web pages. So, a way to stay relevant in the game and promote the business by ranking is to use SEO. Add it your business and see how it changes reach-ability for you!