More and more businesses are leveraging the power of social media to connect with new customers, brand themselves and be a part of the ongoing conversation about their products and services. Whether it’s Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or YouTube, businesses should create thoughtful messaging in order to reach a broader audience. There are a few essentials that every social media marketing campaign should incorporate to ensure that they are successful.

Logo – Companies who have done some level of marketing most likely have a logo that’s associated with them. The logo should be recognizable by your customers and potential customers and social media is an opportunity to imprint this in their mind. When customers start to recognize your logo, whether they’ve ever used your product or service it build a sense of trust and familiarity which increases the likelihood they’ll go to you next time.

Cross-promotion  – Make sure your social media channels work to their maximum potential by cross-promoting them. This means link content from your Twitter and YouTube account to your Facebook, and vice-versa.  Include buttons to other social media outlets through your blog, company websites and email signatures.  This makes it easier for your target customers to find you on their preferred social media platform.

Consistency  – Companies generally take on a certain “tone” or “voice” when they’re writing. Make sure that the tone you use for social media is both professional and appropriate for your business.  In addition, it’s important to maintain consistency within that tone throughout all of the social media outlets. For example, if you have a distinct voice in your posts on Facebook, but then come off very generic in others, customers may find this confusing. Also, its suggested to use similar color palettes and fonts throughout your marketing techniques. Customers should be able to recognize marketing property when it’s yours and being consistent helps to build trust.

Individualize  – The fastest route is not always the best route. While it takes far less time to simply copy and paste the same message over and over to every site, the most successful businesses take the time and individualize their messaging to each forum. Getting the same message on four different sites can be annoying to your potential clients, and can be seen as a “spammy” tactic. Remember that every social media site has a different kind of user, so tailor your messaging to accommodate that. For example, LinkedIn is mostly used for professionals and Facebook and Twitter are more targeted to the twenty-something’s.