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Facebook has shown a lot of potential in promoting businesses, but a lot of people still don\’t know how to use it at its full value. If you’re looking forward to attracting more fans to your facebook page, here are 5 essential tips you should consider:

1. Use several tabs

Tabs are an efficient way to organize your facebook page and to make it more attractive to visitors. For instance, you might give the users a chance to either like your page or to like different porducts or services from it.

As you create different tabs for your page, think about how giving the users something useful, but without conglomerating the page or trying to retain the users on there, especially if you have similar content on your website. When appropriate, point some links that lead straight to your site. Also, remember that you are able to set any tabs on your initial page (the page where non-fans land the first time). This way you won’t limit your visitors and you will get closer to your final goal.

2. Share your articles and blog posts

If you or your company produce content for a website, make sure that it reaches the Facebook wall too. Even though you may see a lot of people who access your Facebook page, you should know that most of them don’t have the time or patience to read each new post or article you add. Promoting your blog posts is an effective strategy for gaining visibility, and it can be enhanced even more through sharing, comments, or likes.

Media companies are the main entities which promote themselves this way, due to the fact that they produce a lot of content. In the case of blog articles, it’s best to show the users only a few key phrases, in order to incite them to read more. If you do so, people will regard you as a friend, and you will quickly gain more fans.

3. Incite and don’t reveal everything at once

When you post an article, you give people a clear image of your contents. Your posts should have a title, a picture and an introductory text. However, it’s often advisable to provide your readers only a few chose words from your text, so that to attract interest and get them curious about what it is. Be warned though, you should apply this method only for quality content, otherwise users might feel cheated. Sometimes it’s more important to address certain questions to your readers, since non-fans will see that you care about them, and they will want to become part of the readership too.

4. Create a contest

Most companies use contests in order to both strengthen the relationships with the readers and to attract new fans too. The contest prizes might be money, small gifts, or even products of your own. Some think of this as buying Facebook fans since there is a cost involved, but it is a good way to engage your fans.

5. Post deals and coupons

If you own a company and want to promote your products, ther best way is to give provide deals and coupons for your Facebook fans. If a non-fan will use a coupon in order to buy one of your products, he’s most likely to recommend your page to others, and you will quickly get a lot of new fans for your page.

Attracting Facebook fans was never easy, but if you follow certain rules and create an appealing page, new users will be more than pleased to become part of it.