Let us just admit it, we were both curious what other people were thinking as they looked at our Instagram. With social media being proclaimed the highlight of how we navigate our lives, it just makes sense that we want to bring our best foot (or photo) forward. As such, being the media specialists that we are, we’ve agreed to round up some of our do’s and don’t want Instagram to help you reach your best #Insta existence.

Although social media can be a place for you to represent yourself, it is also a place for you to connect with friends, relatives, fans, etc. Let your supporters know that they have been noticed. Give them anything like, follow, comment, something to prove you care.

One might say that Instagram is like no other social media network. Rather than just words, the site is almost exclusively based on exchanging photographs and videos. This visual twist is why Instagram is today’s cultural powerhouse—”Instagramming” is now legally a verb.

Including over a billion active accounts, Instagram, which was acquired by Facebook in 2012, has now become a part of everyday life. Everywhere now, everybody appears to be on Instagram, from small companies to major ones, news agencies to cultural organizations, artists, photographers and performers, not to mention the cottage industry of influencers that have come in its midst.

What you need to understand about Instagram Stories

Instagram Posts busted into the social media scene in 2016, and they’ve been turning out like gangbusters since that. And it doesn’t seem like they’re going to stop anytime. According to Instagram, more than 500 million Instagram users use stories every day.*

Well, what is the Instagram Stories? And why are they so popular with you and your friends? Basically, Instagram Stories are brief, 15-second snapshots of images and videos that vanish after 24 hours. They come up in the top bar of your Instagram homepage, and users need to press the story icons to display them. So, different standard posts that instantly appear in the feed of your followers, users have to manually interact. 

Tag more friends and companies 

It’s a perfect way to get acquainted with other brands and individuals. And furthermore, we all want to know where you got the crazy cool sneakers, and we don’t even want to ask. There are two forms of tagging that you need to be mindful of – tagging accounts in the individual photo versus tagging in the caption. There are pros of all of them. Tagging in the caption shows the name of the account without users needing to press to see the tags, providing instant visibility. That being said, marking the user in the photo attaches it to the tagged photo section of their profile, allowing users who follow them to see it even though they don’t support you.

It also increases the likelihood that the account you’re tagging will see a screenshot even though it’s not signed in.

Customization of notifications

Trying to keep up with those on Instagram involves making sure you have the right messages when you like them. The app gives you the ability to pick what push alerts you send to your mobile. For instance, if you have a new follower, or if anyone responds on your message, you may like to get a notice. Or you might be inundated with pings, and you want them to turn off the alerts entirely. Now that you’ve downloaded the app and set up your account, it’s time to begin interacting. 

Explore new accounts 

The easiest way to identify users to track is to press the magnifying glass scroll to the bottom of the app. This will open the Explore tab, where you will find a feed of recommended posts focused on what Instagram feels you’re interested in. The Explore page can also be arranged by theme—another perfect way to discover content. In addition, the tab is where you can scan for a person by name.
You can also view the full instagram profile picture of anyone without even following them by using tools such as instadps.

Instagram operates less like Facebook and more like Twitter when it comes to communicating with others. In most situations, you don’t have to submit a friend’s invitation and wait for the other party to approve it.